Hanley Castle Census 1901

Schedule Address Name Relationship Status Age Occupation Birthplace Disability
p1-1 St Gabriels House King, John Head Married 57 Baker and grocer Upton  
  [Shop & Post Office] King, Elizabeth Wife Married 53 Grocer Great Witley  
    King, Mabel Daughter Single 25 P.O. clerk Hanley Castle  
    King, William Son Single 18 Baker Hanley Castle  
    King, Ethel Daughter Single 16   Hanley Castle  
    Heath, George Visitor Single 20 Baker Upton  
    Lewis, Rosetta S G Servant Single 16 Servant Welland  
2 No. 1 Gothic Cottage Tuck, George Head Married 37 Gardener Kingston Bagpuize, Oxford  
    Tuck, Annie S Wife Married 37   Tarrington, Hereford  
    Tuck, Elsie M Daughter   9   Shotover, Oxford  
    Tuck, Harry W Son   6   Shotover, Oxford  
    Tuck, Sydney F Son   4   Hastings, Sussex  
    Tuck, Lillian M Daughter   3   Hastings, Sussex  
    Tuck, Albert G Son   6 months   Hanley Castle  
3 No. 2 Gothic Cottage (unoccupied)            
4 Walmer Lodge Shorter, Sarah S Head Single 53 No occupation Pirton  
    Packer, Bernard Boarder Single 35 Clergyman Besinstole (?), Leicester  
    Packer, Stanley Boarder Single 23 Undergraduate (Worcester) Thurmaston, Leicester  
5 St Gabriels Terrace Bradley, Thomas Head Widowed 67 Labourer Hanley Castle  
    Bradley, Charles Grandson   8   Hanley Castle  
6 St Gabriels Terrace Lane, William H Head Married 45 Postman (local preacher) Hanley Castle  
    Lane, Eliza Wife Married 42   Poplar, London  
    Lane, David H Son   14 Apprentice upholsterer Hanley Castle  
    Lane, Catherine E Daughter   9   Hanley Castle  
7 St Gabriels Terrace Gardener, Thomas Head Married 57 Agricultural labourer Brailes, Warwick  
    Gardener, Esther Wife Married 49   Brailes, Warwick  
    Gardener, Mary Ann Daughter Single 20 Servant Brailes, Warwick  
    Gardener, Frank E Son   13   Brailes, Warwick  
    Gardener, Alice M Daughter   7   Bromsberrow  
    Bradley, Charles Visitor Single 24   Hanley Castle  
p2-8 St Gabriels Terrace Baylis, Joseph Head Married 81   Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, Mary Wife Married 72   Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, William Son Single 32 Shoemaker Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, Annie Grand daughter   14   Hanley Castle  
9 St Gabriels Terrace Hawker, Alfred C Head Married 28 Railway platelayer Kineton, Gloucester  
    Hawker, Ann Wife Married 38   Kineton, Gloucester  
    Hawker, George C Son   4   Hanley Castle  
    Hawker, Mary J Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
    Hawker, Teresa A Daughter   1   Hanley Castle  
10 Jubilee Cottage Baylis, John Head Married 50 Gardener Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, Harriet Wife Married 50   Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, Agnes E Daughter Single 17 Servant Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, William J Son   15   Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, Mabel Daughter   14   Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, Ben Son   10   Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, Rachel Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
11/12 Boys Home Topley, Edward J Head Married 34 Superintendent Southwark, London  
    Topley, Annie Wife Married 39 Matron Derby  
    Hall, Beatrice Servant Single 17 Servant Hanley, Stafford  
    + 24 orphans or fatherless, aged 4-13          
p3-13 Coverside Farm Lowe, Henry Head Married 74 Farmer Longdon  
    Lowe, Elizabeth Wife Married 66   Mansell Lacy, Hereford  
    Howes, Albion H Son in law Single 40 Farmer Malvern Wells  
    Howes, Frances A Daughter Single 40   Cheltenham, Gloucester  
    Goodwin, Susan Visitor Single 24   Kidderminster  
    Bartlett, John Servant Single 19 Waggoner Hanley Castle  
14 Merebrook Farm Roxburgh, John Head Single 37 Farmer Dudley  
    Newham, Sophia Servant Married 40 Housekeeper West Branston, Cambridge  
15 Merebrook Haidon, William Head Married 33 Carpenter Pensham  
    Haidon, Mary Wife Married 32   Ireland  
    Haidon, William C Son   11   Hanley Castle  
    Haidon, Joseph L Son   7   Hanley Castle  
    Haidon, Mary J Daughter   6   Hanley Castle  
    Haidon, Johanna M Daughter   3   Hanley Castle  
    Haidon, Oliver J Son   2   Hanley Castle  
    Haidon, Sabrina B Daughter   4 months   Hanley Castle  
p4-16 Newstead Farm Brown, Edward Head Married 60 Farm bailiff Clee Hill, Shropshire  
    Brown, Hannah Wife Married 61   Ledbury, Hereford  
    Brown, Margaret Daughter Single 18   Eastnor, Hereford  
    Spencer, Charles Lodger Single 28 Butcher Broadway  
    Davis, James Lodger Single 20 Butcher Ledbury, Hereford  
    Brace, Arthur Lodger Single 20 Butcher Hasley, Hereford  
17 Berry Lodge Bailey, Walter Head Single 42 Game food manufacturer Frome, Somerset  
    Allcock, Louisa   Single 32 Housekeeper Stourport  
18 W. Lodge Cottage (unoccupied)            
19 Lodge, Malvern Road (unoccupied)            
20 Park Farm Cottage Harris, James Head Married 43 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Harris, Annie Wife Married 31   Newent, Gloucester  
    Harris, Norah Daughter   11   Hanley Castle  
    Harris, William Son   3   Hanley Castle  
    Harris, Alice Daughter   1 month   Hanley Castle  
    Vere, Ada Boarder   12   Eldersfield, Gloucester  
21 Park Farm Cottage Wall, Arthur H Head Married 30 Waggoner Hanley Child  
    Wall, Sarah Wife Married 28   Orleton, Hereford  
    Wall, Arthur H H Son   6   Hanley William  
    Wall, Sarah E Daughter   3   Nash, Shropshire  
    Wall, Rose M Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
    Brady, Ellen Visitor Single 20 Servant Burford, Shropshire  
    Jordan, Charles Visitor Single 19 Carpenter Holt  
22 Bower Farm South, John Head Married 62 Farm bailiff Colwall, Hereford  
    South, Jane Wife Married 62   Wotton under Edge, Gloucester  
    South, Edith Daughter Single 24   Eastnor, Hereford  
    Davis, John Servant Single 18 Milkman Ashleworth, Gloucester  
23 Bower Farm Wargent, Henry Head Married 67 Farm stockman Cradley, Hereford  
    Wargent, Mary Wife Married 65   Avonbury, Hereford  
p5-24 Keeper’s Lodge Saunders, Samuel Head Married 28 Gamekeeper Lymington, Hampshire  
    Saunders, Susan Wife Married 33   Launceston, Cornwall  
25 Gardener’s House Woods, Sydney Head Married 29 Gardener Sutton, York  
    Woods, Mary Wife Married 30   Codford, Wiltshire  
    Woods, Fred Son   1   Newbold on Stour, Warwick  
    Woods, Lillian Daughter   8 months   Finstall  
    Carter, Jane Sister in law Single 24 Cook Codford, Wiltshire  
26 Coachman’s House Smith, Henry Head Married 33 Coachman Saffron Walden, Essex  
    Smith, Annie Wife Married 34   Birmingham  
    Smith, Harold Son   9   London  
    Smith, Frank Son   7   London  
27 Blackmore Park Hornyold, John V Head Married 82 Own means London  
    Hornyold, Charlotte M Wife Married 82   Exeter, Devon  
    Woodward, Mary   Single 74 Housekeeper Hanley Castle  
    Clewlow, Frances M Servant Single 35 Lady’s maid Hanley, Stafford  
    Hulls, Miriam E Servant Single 32 Cook Birmingham  
    Bullock, Gertrude Servant Single 24 Housemaid Hopton, Norfolk  
    Stapleton, Norah Servant Single 23 Housemaid Tipperary, Ireland  
    Jarvis, Mary J Servant   15 Housemaid Henley on Thames, Oxford  
    Price, Emma Servant Single 19 Kitchen maid Eckington  
    Lovesey, Beatrice Servant Single 16 Stillroom maid Oxford  
    Mutlow, Stephen Servant Married 32 Butler West Bromwich, Stafford  
    Ward, Laurence Servant Single 24 Footman Wicklow, Ireland  
    Clarke, Joseph Servant Single 23 Groom Wellington Heath, Hereford  
28 The Buildings Gough, James Head Married 39 Agricultural labourer Hambleton, Hampshire  
    Gough, Anne Wife Married 38   Plymouth, Devon  
    Harrison, Charles Nephew   13   Colwall, Hereford  
29 The Bothy Garden Wilkins, John H P   Single 18 Gardener Berrow  
    Sivell, Frank     13 Gardener Upton  
p6-29a Merebrook Moore, Thomas Head Married 57 Milkseller Clavendon, Warwick  
    Moore, Ellen Wife Married 47   Balsall, Warwick  
    Moore, Edward Son Single 19 Plumber Stratford on Avon, Warwick  
    Moore, Goerge W Son   15 Groom and gardener Stratford on Avon, Warwick  
    Moore, Walter M Son   10   Malvern Wells  
30   Bedward, William Head Married 55 Farmer Hanley Castle  
    Bedward, Jane Wife Married 54   Winchcombe, Gloucester  
31   Willis, William Head Married 58 Gardener Upton  
    Willis, Mary Wife Married 57   Bushley  
    Willis, Alice A Daughter Single 24 Housemaid Hanley Castle  
    Willis, Henry Son Single 20 Gardener Hanley Castle  
    Willis, Sarah E Daughter   14   Hanley Castle  
32   Turner, George H Head Married 24 Gardener Hanley Castle  
    Annie E. Wife Married 24   Hanley Castle  
    Turner, George H Son   2   Hanley Castle  
33   Nash, Thomas Head Married 66 Cowman Upton St Leonard, Gloucester  
    Nash, Emma Wife Married 64   Hanley Castle  
    Powell, George Lodger Single 52 Agricultural labourer Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
34 Swan Hotel Tomlinson, Benjamin J Head Married 54 Farmer Hanley Castle  
    Tomlinson, Percy D Son Single 18   Hanley Castle  
    Evans, Ada M   Single 21 Assistant Broadway  
    Abrams, Sophia Servant Single 64 Domestic London  
35 [Jessamine Cottage] Gibbs, William Head Married 69   Upton  
    Gibbs, Emma Wife Married 67   Upton  
    Gibbs, Emily Granddaughter   13   Hanley Castle  
36 Holly Cottage Taylor, James Head Married 70 Own means Weston under Penyard, Hereford  
    Taylor, Ann Wife Married 69   Aston Ingham, Hereford  
    Brookes, Albert J Grandson Married 20 Agricultural labourer Malvern Wells  
    Brookes, Fanny Wife Married 25   Tibberton  
37 Catholic School House Madden, Mary Head Single 57   Liverpool, Lancashire  
p7   Madden, Louisa M Sister Single 38 Schoolmistress Ince Blundell, Lancashire  
    Hampton, John Boarder   9   Kidderminster  
38 St. Mary’s Hall, Sybil G Daughter Single 29 Own means London  
    King, Edith S Boarder Single 28   Brighton, Sussex  
    Dovey, Annie I Servant   14 Domestic Hanley Swan  
39 Rose Cottage Pitt, John Head Married 68 Mason Longdon  
    Pitt, Sarah N Wife Married 69   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Pitt, Ruth A Daughter Single 31 Headmistress Longdon  
40 Cygnet Lodge Peyton, Nicholson I Head Married 69 Own means Colwall, Hereford  
    Peyton, F W Wife Married 45   Oxfordshire  
41 Blackmore Lodge Morris, Henry Head Married 77 Gardener North Piddle  
    Morris, Hannah Wife Married 63   Twyning, Gloucester  
    Morris, Gertrude Daughter Single 25   Hanley Castle  
42 The Presbytery Hands, Walter I Head Single 38 RC priest Stourbridge  
    Hands, Winifred Sister Single 22 Housekeeper Stourbridge  
    Baylis, Florence Servant Single 18 Domestic London  
43 The Presbytery Hawker, George Head Married 57 Waggoner Grafton, Hereford  
    Hawker, Fanny Wife Married 53   Overbury Deaf for 21 years
    Hawker, James Son Single 24 Platelayer Bredon’s Norton  
    Hawker, Agnes M Daughter   14   Hanley Castle  
44 Blackmore Grange Nicholls, Elizabeth Servant Widowed 42 Cook Welland  
    Morris, Veronica Servant Single 21 Housemaid Hanley Castle  
45 Blackmore End Welch, Maria Head Widowed 69 Laundress Hanley Castle  
    Bullingham, Henry Brother Single 67 Army pensioner Hanley Castle  
    Welch, Teresa Grand daughter   14 Schoolteacher Cardiff, Glamorgan  
46 Blackmore End Farm Somers, James H Head Married 32 Farmer Launceston, Cornwall  
    Somers, Maria Wife Married 33   Upton  
    Gibbons, Eliza Boarder Single 64 Own means Calne, Wiltshire  
    Panter, Ellen Servant   13 Domestic Hanley Castle  
47 Rhydd Road Dee, Silas Head Married 48 Farm carter Longdon Heath  
p8   Dee, Rose Wife Married 31   Berrow  
    Dee, Silas I Son   7   Hanley Castle  
    Dee, Kate E Daughter   5   Hanley Castle  
    Dee, Albert H Son   3   Hanley Castle  
    Dee, Arthur A Son   1 month   Hanley Castle  
48 Blackmore End Williams, William C Head Married 24 Agricultural labourer Staunton, Gloucester  
    Williams, Rhoda M Wife Married 30   Birtsmorton  
    Jones, Jane Daughter in law Married 20 Servant Manchester, Lancashire  
    Williams, Violet M Daughter   2   Guarlford  
    Williams, Edith M Daughter   1   Hanley Castle  
49 Blackmore Lodge Pitt, Henry E Head Married 37 Servant Longdon  
    Pitt, Emma L Wife Married 44   Puddleston, Hereford  
    Pitt, Arthur R Son   10   Hanley Castle  
50 Blackmore End Dovey, John Head Married 41 Labourer Ombersley  
    Dovey, Elizabeth Wife Married 39   Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, Ada Daughter   12   Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, Alice E Daughter   9   Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, Edith M Daughter   6   Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, George H Son   2   Hanley Castle  
51 Honeypots Bradley, Charles Head Married 60 Labourer Hanley Castle  
    Bradley, Elizabeth Wife Married 55   Hanley Castle  
    Bradley, Gertrude E Daughter Single 17   Hanley Castle  
    Inkpen, Dorothy E W Grand Daughter   4   Paddington, London  
52 Honeypots Drinkwater, Henry Head Married 48 Farmer Hanley Castle  
    Drinkwater, Rose Wife Married 46   Cradley, Stafford  
    Drinkwater, Annie Daughter Single 24 Laundress Dudley, Stafford  
    Drinkwater, James Son Single 22 Labourer Dudley, Stafford  
53 Honeypots Sims, George Head Married 66 Cattleman Longley, Gloucester  
    Sims, Lucy Wife Married 42   Hanley Castle  
    Sims, Ernest Son   7   Hanley Castle  
p9   Sims, Lucy Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
    Sims, Selina Daughter   3   Hanley Castle  
    Tombs, William Stepson Single 18 Labourer Hanley Castle  
    Tombs, Leonard Stepson   10   Hanley Castle  
    Burston, George Boarder Married 50 Cattleman Leigh  
54 Honeypots Price, Albert Head Married 36 Carter Twyning, Gloucester  
    Price, Annie Wife Married 36   Longdon  
    Price, Edith Daughter   1   Hanley Castle  
    Harris, Edith Visitor Single 24   Mitcheldean, Gloucester  
    Andrews, Walter Boarder Single 35 Labourer Hanley Castle  
55 Honeypots Bick, Walter Head Widowed 55 Road labourer Pendock  
    Bick, Mary Ann Daughter Single 24   Berrow  
    Bick, Hubert L Son Single 21 Agricultural labourer Berrow  
    Bick, Archibald Son   13 Agricultural labourer Pendock  
    Bick, Millicent E Daughter   10   Hanley Castle  
56 The Rhydd Dunford, George Head Married 53 Estate horseman Repney, Dorset  
    Dunford, Harriet Wife Married 52   Hooke, Dorset  
57 The Rhydd Harris, William Head Married 72 Gardener’s labourer Worcester  
    Harris, Eliza Wife Married 58 Laundress Bishops Froome, Hereford  
58 The Rhydd Roberts, John Head Married 52 Agricultural labourer Deerhurst, Gloucester  
    Roberts, Susan Wife Married 48   Hartpury, Gloucester  
    Roberts, Charles Son   14 Gardener’s labourer Eldersfield  
    Roberts, Caroline Daughter   12   Eldersfield  
    Roberts, George Son   9   Eldersfield  
    Roberts, Louisa Daughter   7   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Roberts, Ellen Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
59 Rhydd Claydon, Elizabeth Head Single 81 Own means Brackley, Northampton Blind for 4 years
    Bishop, Amelia A Servant Married 46   Bristol  
    Bishop, Albert B Boarder Single 25 Agricultural labourer Weston super Mare, Somerset  
60 Rhydd Lodge Turner, Harry Head Married 35 Gardener Hallow  
p10   Turner, Lizzie Wife Married 41   Worcester  
    Turner, Nellie Daughter   4 months   Hanley Castle  
61 Coachman’s Cottage (unoccupied)            
62 Rhydd Court Garrett, Emma Head Single 47 Housekeeper Birmingham  
    Price, Kate Servant Single 21 Housemaid Tenbury  
    Parsons, William J Servant Single 20 Groom Hemel Hamstead, Hertford  
63 Cottage, W Rhydd Garden Allen, Arthur Head Married 34   Hanley Castle  
    Allen, Rose L Wife Married 33   Worcester  
    Allen, Louisa Daughter   5   Hanley Castle  
    Allen, Edith Daughter   3   Hanley Castle  
    Allen, Arthur Son   1   Hanley Castle  
64 Rhydd Court Garden Gray, Lancelot S Head Married 36 Head gardener Eglington, Northumberland  
    Gray, Ellen C Wife Married 38   Woodbridge, Suffolk  
    Gray, Lancelot S Son   6   Hanley Castle  
65 Cliffey Hill, Richard Head Married 44 Gamekeeper Worcester  
    Hill, Ellen Wife Married 48   Mathon  
    Hill, Dora E Adopted daughter   6   West Malvern  
66 Cliffey (unoccupied)              
67 Cliffey Hargraves, James L Head Married 57 Private secretary Preston, Lancashire  
    Hargraves, Mary I Wife Married 57   Herbrandstone, Pembroke  
    Hargraves, John B Son Single 23 Bank clerk Tarrington, Hereford  
    Hargraves, Maud M Daughter   16   Tarrington, Hereford  
    Hargraves, Harold E Son   12   Hanley Castle  
    Hargraves, Daisy O Daughter   10   Hanley Castle  
68 Jubilee Cottage Fencott, Elizabeth Head Widowed 30 Dressmaker Hanley Castle  
    Fencott, Roland Son   6   Bristol  
    Fencott, Gladys Daughter   4   Bristol  
    Jones, Maria Mother Widowed 76   Longdon  
69 Jubilee Cottage Brown, Edmund Head Married 59 Own means Churcham, Gloucester  
    Brown, Frances Wife Married 36   Wellington, Hereford  
    Brown, George Brother Married 64 Own means Churcham, Gloucester  
p11-70 Hangmans Lane Simpson, Maurice Head Married 38 Carter Sandhurst, Gloucester  
    Simpson, Agnes Wife Married 30 Shirtmaker Sandhurst, Gloucester  
    Simpson, Eliza A Daughter   8   Sandhurst, Gloucester  
    Simpson, Gertrude M Daughter   8   Sandhurst, Gloucester  
    Simpson, Charles J Son   4   Pendock  
71 Hangmans Lane Hughes, George Head Married 56 Cattleman Castlemorton  
    Hughes, Mary Ann Wife Married 68   Hanley Castle  
72 Main House Lane, James Head Married 36 Cattleman Norton, Gloucester  
    Lane, Melbro Wife Married 33   Ledbury, Hereford  
    Lane, Sarah J Daughter   10   Bromsberrow, Gloucester  
    Lane, Lucy Daughter   8   Much Marcle, Hereford  
    Lane, Melbro Daughter   6   Putley, Hereford  
    Lane, James D Son   5   Colwall, Hereford  
    Lane, Alfred W Son   4   Colwall, Hereford  
    Lane, Albert E Son   2   Hanley Castle  
    Lane, Arthur J Son Single 2 months   Hanley Castle  
73 (unoccupied)              
74 Sink Farm Hemus, Harry Head Married 30 Farmer Wichenford  
    Hemus, Lizzie Wife Married 34   Witley  
    Hemus, John Son   10   Pensax  
    Hemus, Harry C Son   8   Pensax  
    Hemus, Ray Son   6   Pensax  
    Hemus, Gladys M Daughter   4   Hanley Castle  
    Hemus, Ethel M Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
    Jones, Frederick Servant Single 19 Carter Hanley Castle  
    Jones, Henry Servant   13 Ploughboy Hanley Castle  
75 Hills Farm Tilt, Tom A Head Married 32 Farmer, miller, corn merchant Bromsgrove  
    Tilt, Harriet A Wife Married 27   Much Birch, Hereford  
    Tilt, Tom A Son   6   Hanley Castle  
    Tilt, William H Son   2   Hanley Castle  
p12   Wilding, Hannah M Servant Single 17 Help Knighton, Radnor  
    Powell, Thomas Servant Single 17 Cattleman Ledbury, Hereford  
    Kinchen, Alfred Servant   14 Teamster Campden, Gloucester  
    Hawkins, Joseph Servant   15 Teamster Hastfields, Gloucester  
76 Hills Farm Cottage Jones, William Head Married 30 Cattleman Kidderminster  
    Jones, Amelia Wife Married 29   Astley  
    Jones, Florence Daughter   9   Kidderminster  
    Jones, William Son   6   Kidderminster  
    Jones, Henry Son   5   Shelsey  
    Jones, Alfred Son   3   Shelsey  
    Jones, Thomas Son   2   Shelsey  
    Jones, Albert Son   1   Shelsey  
77 Haylers End Hancox, John H Head Married 46 Farmer, market gardener Bearley, Warwick  
    Hancox, Mary E Wife Married 42   Worcester  
    Hancox, Arthur G Son   15 Help on farm Stratford on Avon, Warwick  
    Hancox, Caroline M Daughter   10   Stratford on Avon, Warwick  
    Hancox, Percy J Son   9   Stratford on Avon, Warwick  
    Hancox, John G Son   6   Stratford on Avon, Warwick  
    Claydon, Thomas Father-in-law Widowed 68 Farm bailiff, gardener Warwick  
78 Tickeridge Lane, Frederick Head Married 58 Farmer Hanley Castle  
    Lane, Elizabeth Wife Married 59   Malvern  
    Lane, John F Son Single 29 Help on farm Guarlford  
    Lane, Albert W Son Single 22 Baker, confectioner Kempley, Gloucester  
    Lane, Arthur G Son Single 20   Kempley, Gloucester  
79 Sink Lane Dovey, James Head Married 34 Carter Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, Emma Wife Married 30   Barnards Green  
    Dovey, James J Son   7   Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, Richard J Son   5   Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, Bernard A Son   3   Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, George L Son   2   Hanley Castle  
p13-80 Sink Lane Butt, George Head Married 35 Carter Welland  
    Butt, Ada Wife Married 37   Higham on the Hill, Leicester  
    Butt, Thomas Son   15 Agricultural labourer Hinkley, Leicester  
    Butt, Ada M Daughter   12   Swineherd  
    Butt, Alice Daughter   10   Bromyard, Hereford  
    Butt, Georgiana R Daughter   3   Hanley Castle  
81 Sink Lane Woodward, John Head Married 71 Labourer Hanley Castle  
    Woodward, Ann Wife Married 72   Hanley Castle  
    Woodward, Frederick Son Single 34 Gardener Hanley Castle  
82 Sink Lane Morris, Charles Head Married 64 Gardener Kemerton  
    Morris, Hannah Wife Married 65   Kemerton  
83 Welland Road Gibbs, George Head Married 57 Bricklayer Hanley Castle  
    Gibbs, Mary A Wife Married 49   Redmarley  
    Gibbs, Arthur Son Single 22 Bricklayer Hanley Castle  
    Gibbs, Joseph Son   11   Hanley Castle  
    Gibbs, Henry Son   9   Hanley Castle  
    Gibbs, Margarite Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
    Gibbs, Edith Daughter   4   Hanley Castle  
84   Morris, James A Head Married 27 Coachman, groom Kemerton  
    Morris, Frances M Wife Married 30   Wadborough  
    Morris, Teresa M Daughter   7   Gotherington, Gloucester  
    Morris, Mary A Daughter   5   Hanley Castle  
    Morris, Margaret M Daughter   3   Hanley Castle  
    Morris, Angela M Daughter   1   Hanley Castle  
85 Malvern House Foster, James Head Married 38 Draper, carrier Dunchurch, Warwick  
    Foster, Eleanor Wife Married 35   Longdon  
    Foster, Cecil Son   12   Upton  
    Foster, Minnie Daughter   10   Hanley Castle  
    Foster, Amy Daughter   8   Hanley Castle  
    Foster, Hartley Son   7   Hanley Castle  
p14   Foster, William Son   5   Hanley Castle  
    Foster, Eric Son   3   Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, Ellen Servant Single 18 Domestic Hanley Castle  
86   Bailey, Elizabeth Head Married 62 Lodging house keeper Upton  
    Hood, George Lodger Single 72 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Abgood, Frank Lodger Single 31 Gardener Stroud, Gloucester  
87 Holly Villa Dimond, Mary Ann Head Widowed 62 Poultry fancier Payhembury, Devon  
    Dimond, Fred. J Son Single 33 Gardener Colyton, Devon  
88   Thruppe, Walter H Head Married 38 Butcher Grimley  
    Thruppe, Annie Wife Married 34   Guildford, Surrey  
    Thruppe, Alice H Daughter   3   Broadheath  
    Thruppe, Beatrice Daughter   11 months   Broadheath  
89   West, William Head Married 43 Baker Hanley Castle  
    West, Adelaide Wife Married 45   Upton  
    West, Adelaide Daughter   14   Hanley Castle  
90 Montrose Sallis, Benjamin Head Married 59 Roadman Malvern  
  [built 1892] Sallis, Hannah Wife Married 60   Upton  
    Davis, Harry Boarder Single 26 Coachman Upton  
    Davis, Lizzie Boarder Widowed 31 Schoolteacher Newport, Monmouth  
91 (unoccupied)              
92 Ewe & Lamb Badham, Frederick Head Married 34 Innkeeper Great Malvern  
    Badham, Elizabeth Wife Married 39   Frosterley, Durham  
    Gardiner, John Visitor Married 60 Railway storeman Great Malvern  
    Wright, Charles Visitor Single 36 Labourer Great Malvern  
    Dean, Susan Servant Single 42 Domestic Wolverhampton, Stafford  
93 Roses Baldwin, Sarah Head Widowed 72   Powick  
94 Roses Baylis, Elizabeth Head Widowed 75 Laundress Longdon  
    Baylis, Maria Daughter Single 35 Laundress Hanley Castle  
    Jones, James Boarder Widowed 73 Cattleman Hanley Castle  
95 Roses (unoccupied)              
p15-96   Webb, James Head Married 64 Carpenter Upton  
    Webb, Mary Wife Married 56   Hanley Castle  
97 Picken End Baylis, Thomas Head Married 73 Agricultural labourer Queenhill  
    Baylis, Martha Wife Married 80   Hanley Castle  
98 Horton Cottage Smith, William Head Married 58 Agricultural labourer Bedstone, Shropshire  
    Smith, Maria Wife Married 48   Hampton Bishop, Hereford  
99   Reynolds, Rumsey Head Married 50 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Elizabeth Wife Married 46   Severn Stoke  
    Reynolds, Emily E Daughter Single 20 Servant Upton  
    Reynolds, Thomas Son Single 17 Labourer Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, William Son   15   Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Alfred Son   14   Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Lina Daughter   12   Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Gertrude Daughter   9   Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Harriett Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Annie Daughter   5   Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Walter Son   2   Hanley Castle  
100   Cole, Harriet M Head Single 70 Former pharmacist Hanley Castle  
    Watkins, Thomas Cousin Single 55 Blacksmith Hanley Castle  
101   Dovey, Jane Head Widowed 66 Midwife Suckley  
    Dovey, Charles Son Single 26 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Gamble, Joseph Grandson   16 Gardener Castlemorton  
102   Barnett, Henry Head Married 48 Cowman Kemerton  
    Barnett, Elizabeth Wife Married 47   Hanley Castle  
    Barnett, Alice Daughter   11   Hanley Castle  
    Barnett, Stephen Son   10   Bredon  
    Barnett, Charles Son   9   Eckington  
    Barnett, Frances Daughter   5   Hanley Castle  
    Barnett, Mary Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
p16-103   Mann, George Head Married 26 Gardener Selly Oak, Birmingham Deaf
    Mann, Clara Wife Married 27   Bayton  
    Mann, James Son   3   Balsall Heath, Birmingham  
104   Webb, William Head Married 34 Labourer Ripple  
    Webb, Maria Wife Married 34   Hanley Castle  
    Webb, Ellen M Daughter   12   Hanley Castle  
    Webb, William Son   11   Hanley Castle  
    Webb, Henry J Son   10   Hanley Castle  
    Webb, Percival J Son   6   Hanley Castle  
    Webb, Edith A Daughter   3   Hanley Castle  
105 Coney Croft Nurseries Forsey, Tabitha Head Married 61   Devon  
    Forsey, Arthur J Son Married 29 Market gardener Dorset  
    Heath, Jane E Visitor Single 26   Middlesex  
106   Rivers, William Head Married 49 Blacksmith Hanley Castle  
    Rivers, Amanda Wife Married 48   Birmingham  
    Rivers, Annie Daughter   14   Hanley Castle  
107   Heigley, James Head Married 62 Carter Bourton on the Hill, Gloucester  
    Heigley, Eliza Wife Married 62   Moreton in Marsh, Gloucester  
    Heigley, Albert Son Single 25 Gardener Barton Bidford, Warwick  
    Heigley, Edith Grand daughter   8   Hanley Castle  
108 (unoccupied)              
109   Poytreu (?), Sidney H Head Married 51 Coachman, groom Tirley, Gloucester  
    Poytreu, Mary Ann Wife Married 48   Apperley, Gloucester  
110 Picken End Vivian, Mary Ann Wife Married 38 Charwoman Pershore  
    Vivian, Gertrude M Daughter   11   Hanley Castle  
    Vivian, Frances Daughter   8   Hanley Castle  
    Day, Arthur Visitor Single 38 Breadmaker, confectioner Upton  
111 Picken End Dovey, Emma Wife Married 46 Charwoman King’s Caple, Hereford  
    Dovey, James Son   15 Gardener Ledbury, Hereford  
    Dovey, Emily Daughter   10   Hanley Castle  
    Burston, Walter Boarder Single 41 Stockman Great Malvern  
p17-112 Picken End Edgcumbe, Rose Head Widowed 60 Private school mistress St John’s, Hereford  
113 Quaker’s Farm Turner, Henry M Head Single 32 Farmer Hanley Castle  
    Turner, William M Father Married 68 Butcher Welland  
    Turner, Maria Mother Married 58   Hanley Castle  
114 Western Cottage Davis, Beatrice Head Single 17 Pupil teacher Hanley Castle  
    Davis, John Brother Single 16 Carpenter’s apprentice Hanley Castle  
    Davis, Constance Sister   15 Pupil teacher Hanley Castle  
115 (unoccupied)              
116 Roberts End Street Bough, Mary Head Widowed 60 Own means Mickleton, Gloucester  
    Bough, Hannah Daughter Single 17   Hanley Castle  
117 Western Villa Shewell, Algernon Head Married 71 Own means Tibberton, Gloucester  
  [Western Lodge] Shewell, Margaret A Wife Married 56   Tipton, Stafford  
    White, Mary Ann Servant Single 22 Cook Hinton, Gloucester  
    Gardner, Ethel M Servant Single 20 Housemaid Longley, Gloucester  
118   Tomlins, William Head Married 64 Labourer Hanley Castle  
    Tomlins, Ellen Wife Married 68   Camdown, Gloucester  
    Tomlins, Ellen Daughter Single 24   Hanley Castle  
    Tomlins, Harry Grandson   11   Burton on Trent, Stafford  
119   Studen, Thomas Head Married 55 Butler Chicheley (?), Northants  
    Studen, Hariet Wife Married 58      
120   Day, John Head Married 39 Journeyman (butcher) Upton  
    Day, Jane Wife Married 38   Upton  
    Day, Percy Son   12   Hanley Castle  
121   Roberts, Edward Head Married 52 Agricultural labourer Norton, Gloucester  
    Roberts, Ellen Wife Married 48 Laundress Hanley Castle  
    Roberts, Charles Son Single 19 Groom Hanley Castle  
    Roberts, George Son Single 16 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Roberts, Alaric Son   12   Hanley Castle  
    Roberts, Mary Ann Daughter   11   Hanley Castle  
    Roberts, Alice M Daughter   8   Hanley Castle  
p18-122 Bourne Villa Lawson, Emily M Head Widowed 76 Own means Bombay, India  
  [Pyndar Lodge] Lawson, Lucy M Daughter Single 50 Own means Offenham  
    Oakey, Lucy Servant Single 56 Servant Upper Arley  
    Cooper, Florence B Servant Single 16 Servant Kidderminster  
123 [Grassendale Villa] Knowles, Elizabeth Head Married 73 Own means Hanley Castle  
    Knowles, Maria Daughter Single 43   Shrawley  
124   Surrell, James Head Married 52 Gardener Castlemorton  
    Surrell, Ann Wife Married 49   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Surrell, Amy Daughter   15   Upton  
125 Yew Tree House Medley, Alfred K Head Married 49 Own means London  
    Medley, Sophie E Wife Married 50   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Medley, Sophie J Daughter Single 23   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Sheen, Adeline Servant Single 25 Cook Berrow  
    Bircher, Julia Servant Single 18 Housemaid Hanley Castle  
126   Mann, Jane Head Widowed 56 Laundress Hanley Castle Deaf
127   Mayall, John Head Married 58 Carpenter Hanley Castle  
    Mayall, Mary Wife Married 63   Wychbold  
128 Albion Lodge Willan, Henry Head Married 82 Former army surgeon Kenswick  
    Willan, Emily M Wife Married 64   Thornbury, Gloucester  
    Willan, Emily G Daughter Single 36   Hanley Castle  
    Willan, Alice M Daughter Single 28   Hanley Castle  
    Willan, Adela G Daughter Single 26   Hanley Castle  
    Willan, Edith M Daughter Single 24   Hanley Castle  
    Willan, Gerald R Son Single 20   Hanley Castle  
    Jones, Eliza Servant Single 23 Cook West Bromwich, Stafford  
    Sadler, Eliza Servant Single 22 Serving maid Drybrook, Gloucester  
    Braithwaite, Isabella Servant Single 23 Housemaid England  
    Braithwaite, Henrietta Servant Single 21 Housemaid Pemberton, Lancaster  
129   Stokes, Harriett Head Widowed 60 Dressmaker Hanley Castle Deaf
130   Davis, George Head Married 38 Coachman Hereford  
    Davis, Kate Wife Married 29   Hereford  
p19   Davis, Isabella Daughter   10   Hereford  
    Davis, Frederick Son   3 months   Derby  
131   King, Georgina Head Widowed 68 Own means Upton  
    Gibbs, Clarry Visitor   15   Hanley Castle  
132   Overton, William J Head Married 39 Gardener Margate, Kent  
    Overton, Mary A Wife Married 40   Kings Cross, London  
    Overton, Caroline M Daughter   15   Hook, Surrey  
    Overton, William C Son   13   Hook, Surrey  
    Overton, Arthur Son   8   Saxlingham, Norfolk  
134   Cull, Sarah Head Widowed 75   Croome D’Abitot  
    Cook, Emma Daughter Married 38   Hanley Castle  
    Cook, Beatrice M Granddaughter   7   Gloucester  
    Cook, Alice M Granddaughter   5   Broomfield, Somerset  
135   Hill, William Head Married 39 Agricultural labourer Staunton Swan, Gloucester  
    Hill, Ann Wife Married 40   Upton  
    Hill, Mary Daughter   15   Hanley Castle  
136   Dovey, William Head Married 29 Carter Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, Margaret Wife Married 33   Llanhefyold (?), N. Wales  
    Dovey, Winnifred Daughter   4   Hanley Castle  
    Dovey, Elizabeth Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
137   Bradley, Thomas Head Married 37 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Bradley, Ellen Wife Married 35   Worcester  
    Bradley, Agnes E Daughter   11   Hanley Castle  
    Bradley, Harry Son   10   Hanley Castle  
    Bradley, Edward Son   6   Upton  
    Bradley, Thomas J Son   4   Hanley Castle  
    Bradley, Mary E Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
    Bradley, Esther E Daughter   1 month   Hanley Castle  
138   Wheildon, Joseph Head Married 34 Groom, gardener Tardebrigge  
    Wheildon, Frances Wife Married 35   Hanley Castle  
p20   Wheildon, Frances Daughter   9   Hanley Castle  
    Wheildon, Joseph H Son   8   Hanley Castle  
    Wheildon, Lilly M Daughter   6   Hanley Castle  
    Wheildon, William G Son   4   Hanley Castle  
    Wheildon, Clifford Son   2   Hanley Castle  
139   Lippitt, Charles Head Married 62 Labourer Hanley Castle  
    Lippitt, Agnes J Wife Married 34   Redmarley  
    Lippitt, Ada Daughter   13   Hanley Castle  
    Faulkner, James H Boarder Single 30 Coachman Hanley, Stafford  
140   Pagett, Samuel Head Married 48 Former policeman Eastham  
    Pagett, Ann Wife Married 49   Shelsley Walsh  
    Pagett, Christopher Son   12   Hanley Castle  
    Pagett, Frederick Son   8   Hanley Castle  
    Pagett, Dorothy Daughter   5   Hanley Castle  
    Bishop, George Boarder   24 Coachman Malvern Link  
141 Mortimer Lodge Boothby, Florence Head Widowed 41 Own means Litherland, Lancashire  
    James, Mary Servant Single 31 Housemaid Ludlow, Shropshire  
142 Catterall [Brummell Court] Hunter, Ralph J Head Married 43 Former army captain Broadway  
    Hunter, Ellen Wife Married 34   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Hunter, Eila K Daughter   10   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Denning, Edith   Single 46 Governess Woolwich, Kent  
    Jauncey, Ethel Servant Single 16 Kitchen maid Leigh  
143   Winters, George Head Married 62 Wheelwright, carpenter Kristham (?), Gloucester  
    Winters, Selena Wife Married 65   Old Swinford  
    Cook, Louisa Niece   10   King’s Heath, Birmingham  
144 Hawthorns [Ladywell] Trappes, George R Head Married 61 Own means Chorley, Lancashire  
    Chapman, Annie Servant Widowed 31 Servant St. Pancras, London  
    Chapman, Richard Son   2   St. Pancras, London  
145   Nind, Charlotte Head Widowed 95 Former laundress Hanley Castle  
    Bunn, Elizabeth Daughter Widowed 66 Laundress Hanley Castle  
p21-146 The Grange Maylor, William Head Widowed 71 Former civil/mech. engineer Liverpool, Lancashire  
    Maylor, William Son Single 40 Civil engineer India  
    Maylor, Beatrice M Daughter Single 28   India  
    Maylor, Alice E Daughter Single 16   India  
    Maylor, Thomas Brother Single 64 Former mechanical engineer Liverpool, Lancashire  
    Nash, Harriet L Servant Single 48 Cook Kidderminster  
    Blizard, Minnie Servant Single 32 Parlourmaid Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Davis, Alice Servant Single 18 Housemaid Kingsland, Hereford  
147 Laurel Villa Haynes, Ellen M Head Widowed 65 Own means Guarlford  
148 Balcony Cook, Mary Head Widowed 72 Farmer Dorsington, Warwick  
    Cook, Mary Daughter Single 40   Great Malvern Imbecile
    Cook, Rosa A Daughter Single 33   Great Malvern  
    Lane, Walter Grandson   6   New Cross, London  
149   Harding, Thomas Head Married 41 Carter West Malvern  
    Harding, Edith A Wife Married 41   Malvern Link  
    Harding, Edith M Daughter   15   Mathon, Hereford  
    Harding, William Son   13   West Malvern  
    Harding, Thomas Son   10   West Malvern  
    Harding, John Son   8   West Malvern  
    Harding, Annie Daughter   6   Hindlip  
    Harding, Alice Daughter   3   Hindlip  
150   Edwards, Edwin Head Married 40 Cowman Brinsop, Hereford  
    Edwards, Mary Wife Married 36   Brinsop, Hereford  
    Edwards, William Son   9   Brinsop, Hereford  
151 Horton Manor Wookey, George Head Married 37 Farmer Bridgwater, Somerset  
    Wookey, Alice Wife Married 28   Stoke, Cornwall  
    Wookey, Kathleen Daughter   5   Hanley Castle  
    Wookey, Gladys E Daughter   4   Hanley Castle  
    Wookey, May D J Daughter   3   Hanley Castle  
    Mantell, Elizabeth Servant Single 29 Domestic Knighton, Radnorshire  
p22-152 Police station Cook, George Head Married 36 Police constable Cleeve Prior  
    Cook, Sarah J Wife Married 32   Dudley  
    Cook, Ellen Daughter   10   Dudley  
    Cook, Ethel Daughter   8   Dudley  
    Cook, Florence Daughter   5   Dudley  
    Chamberline, Harriet Visitor Married 37 Dressmaker Dudley  
    Chamberline, May Daughter   2      
153 Forty Green Jervis, Alfred Head Married 43 Agricultural labourer Redmarley  
    Jervis, Sarah Wife Married 43   Pershore  
    Jervis, Gertie Daughter   9   Malvern Wells  
    Fawkes, James Boarder Single 23 General labourer Upton  
154 Ivy House Wild, John Head Widowed 79 Farmer Mickleham, Surrey  
    Harding, Louise E Niece Single 22   Hanley Castle  
    Harding, Rowland H Nephew Single 20   Hanley Castle  
    Small, Dorcus F   Single 30 Housekeeper Tenbury  
155 Holloway Cottage Butler, Joseph Head Married 58 Agricultural labourer Welland  
    Butler, Ellen Wife Married 64   Kempsey  
    Butler, Henry Son Single 29 Agricultural labourer Welland  
156 Holloway Cottage Cull, George Head Married 47 Cattleman Hanley Castle  
    Cull, Fanny E Wife Married 44   Pentyrch, Monmouth  
    Cull, William G Son Single 16   Hanley Castle  
    Cull, Charles B Son   12   Hanley Castle  
    Cull, Gertrude L Daughter   10   Hanley Castle  
    Cull, Ada A Daughter   4   Hanley Castle  
    Mason, William B Grandson   5   Upton  
157 Holloway Farm Ankers, John Head Married 39 Farmer Cleeve Prior  
    Ankers, Clara Wife Married 41   Weymore, Hereford  
    Ankers, Thomas Son   13   Weymore, Hereford  
    Ankers, Florence Daughter   8   Weymore, Hereford  
    Ankers, Katharine Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
p23-158 Parsonage Farm Worthington, William Head Married 34 Farmer Chaceley, Gloucester  
    Worthington, Mary Ann Wife Married 38   Pendock  
    Worthington, Edith Daughter   8   Hanley Castle  
    Worthington, William Son   3   Hanley Castle  
    Price, Ann Grandmother Widowed 73   Winchcombe, Gloucester  
159 Gilberts End Tolley, Henry Head Married 60 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Tolley, Jane Wife Married 54   Weston Subedge, Gloucester  
    Tolley, Emily Daughter   13   Hanley Castle  
160 Lodge Farm Tilt, George Head Married 69 Farmer Bromsgrove  
    Tilt, Emma Wife Married 67   Upper Sapey, Hereford  
    Tilt, Arthur A Son Single 36 Helps on farm Bromsgrove  
    Tilt, Emma M Daughter Single 27   Bromsgrove  
    Tilt, Edmond E Son Single 24 Helps on farm Bromsgrove  
161 Gilberts End Farm Woodward, Frank H Head Married 48 Farmer Upton  
    Woodward, Sara J Wife Married 48   Pershore  
    Woodward, Winifred M Daughter Single 17   Hanley Castle  
    Woodward, William G Son   13   Hanley Castle  
    Woodward, Frank A Son   11   Hanley Castle  
    Brown, Alice Servant Single 20 Domestic Holdfast  
162   Brown, George Head Married 56 Agricultural labourer Bishops Frome, Hereford  
    Brown, Emma Wife Married 57   Butford, Gloucester  
    Brown, Henry W Son Single 29 Carter Bishops Frome, Hereford  
    Brown, Harriet Daughter Single 23 Domestic servant Holdfast  
    Brown, Alfred Son Single 17 Groom Hanley Castle  
    Brown, Ada E Daughter   15   Powick  
    Brown, Ernest Son   15 Baker’s apprentice Powick  
    Brown, Lottie Daughter   12   Hanley Castle  
    Baylis, Albert E Nephew Single 21 Agricultural labourer Bromyard, Hereford  
163   Curtis, Amos Head Married 50 Agricultural labourer Bearley, Gloucester  
    Curtis, Ellen Wife Married 39   Hanley Castle  
    Goulding, Ellen Step daughter   13   Hanley Castle  
p24   Goulding, John Stepson   11   Hanley Castle  
164 The Chestnuts Clarke, Henry B Head Married 72 Farmer Timberscombe, Somerset  
    Clarke, Mary E Wife Married 65   Great Malvern  
    Clarke, Alice M Daughter Single 37   Great Malvern  
    Stevens, Jane Servant Single 18 Domestic Tredington, Gloucester  
165 Brickwalls Rice, William Head Married 44 Farmer Bratton Clovelly, Devon  
    Rice, Ellen Wife Married 45   Northam, Devon  
    Rice, Miriam A Daughter Single 16   Bratton Clovelly, Devon  
    Rice, William Son   14   Bratton Clovelly, Devon  
    Rice, Dorothy E Daughter   10   Bratton Clovelly, Devon  
    Rice, Lena E Daughter   9   Bratton Clovelly, Devon  
    Rice, Kathleen Daughter   7   Bratton Clovelly, Devon  
    Rice, Arthur J Son   5   Bratton Clovelly, Devon  
    Rice, Ellen M Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
166 The Villa Barber, Ann Head Widowed 78 Own means Worcester  
    Gibbs, Fanny Niece Single 40   Worcester  
    Hartwright, Albert J Boarder Single 36 County road surveyor Claines  
    Scarlett, George Servant Single 17 Groom, gardener Cherrington, Warwick  
167   Churchill, John Head Married 42 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Churchill, Elizabeth Wife Married 37   Hanley Castle  
    Churchill, Francis Son Single 17 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Churchill, Albert Son   11   Hanley Castle  
    Churchill, Elsie Daughter   3   Hanley Castle  
168   Jones, George Head Married 52 Cattleman Alfrick  
    Jones, Elizabeth Wife Married 53   Upper Sapey, Hereford  
    Jones, David Son Single 16 Errand boy Worcester  
    Jones, Samuel Son   15   Worcester  
    Jones, Mary Daughter   13   Worcester  
169   Knight, James Head Married 36 Agricultural labourer Upton  
    Knight, Annie Wife Married 34   Upton  
    Knight, Edith Daughter   12   Longdon  
p25-170 (unoccupied)              
171   Smith, Frank Head Married 38 Groom, gardener Southampton, Hampshire  
    Smith, Mary L Wife Married 33   Deerhurst Walton, Gloucester  
    Smith, Albert F Son   12   Treddington, Gloucester  
    Smith, Florence Daughter   10   Church Honeybourne  
    Smith, Oliver G Son   8   Church Honeybourne  
    Smith, William H Son   5   Bretforton  
    Smith, Ernest J Son   2   Hanley Castle  
    Smith, Harold T Son   6 months   Hanley Castle  
172   King, Thomas Head Married 68 Labourer Welland  
    King, Sarah Wife Married 69   Castlemorton  
173   Pidgeon, William Head Married 40 General labourer Redmarley  
    Pidgeon, Harriet Wife Married 40 Seamstress Hanley Castle  
174   Willis, James Head Married 57 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Willis, Martha Wife Married 52   Hanley Castle  
    Willis, James Son Single 19 Postman Hanley Castle  
    Bladder, William Brother in law Single 71 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
175   Reynolds, William Head Married 74 Grocer Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Ann Wife Married 71   Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, John Son Single 43 Pig butcher Malvern  
    Reynolds, Walter Son Single 34 Groom Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Lina A Daughter Single 24 Dressmaker Hanley Castle  
176   Reynolds, William Head Married 45 Carrier Great Malvern  
    Reynolds, Emily Wife Married 35   Worcester  
    Reynolds, Emily M Daughter   4   Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, William J Son   2   Hanley Castle  
    Reynolds, Sarah A Daughter   3 months   Hanley Castle  
177   Smith, William Head Married 22 Butcher Malvern  
    Smith, Lettice M Wife Married 20   Welland  
    Smith, Henry W Son Single 4 months   Hanley Castle  
p26-178   Lewis, William Head Married 62 Gardener Hanley Castle  
    Lewis, Mary Wife Married 62 Laundress Hanley Castle  
    Tudge, Eva Daughter Married 29 Laundress Hanley Castle  
    Tudge, Alec Son in law Married 29 Carpenter Leigh  
179   Dudfield, William Head Married 76 Gardener Upton  
    Dudfield, Eliza Wife Married 75   Castlemorton  
180   Joyce, Thomas Head Married 54 Shoemaker Eastnor, Hereford  
    Joyce, Emily Wife Married 31   Hanley Castle  
    Joyce, Henry J Son   3   Hanley Castle  
181   Gamble, Joseph Head Married 45 Agricultural labourer Castlemorton  
    Gamble, Elizabeth Wife Married 43   Ombersley  
    Gamble, Thomas Son   12   Hanley Castle  
    Gamble, Mary Daughter   10   Hanley Castle  
    Gamble, Martha Daughter   10   Hanley Castle  
    Gamble, John Son   8   Hanley Castle  
    Gamble, Mildred Daughter   6   Hanley Castle  
    Gamble, Wilfred Son   4   Hanley Castle  
    Gamble, George Son   2   Hanley Castle  
182 (unoccupied)              
183   Turner, George Head Married 67 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Turner, Harriet Wife Married 66   Hanley Castle  
184   Roberts, William Head Married 22 Groom Hanley Castle  
    Roberts, Florence Wife Married 20   Forthampton, Gloucester  
185   Burcher, Sarah Ann Head Widowed 57 Market woman Longhope, Gloucester  
186   Davis, Louisa E Head Widowed 45 Own means Alvechurch  
    Davis, George H Son   13   Hanley Castle  
    Davis, Mabel H Daughter   11   Hanley Castle  
    Davis, Maude M Daughter   9   Hanley Castle  
187 The Elms Collins, Walter G Head Married 58 Farmer Bucklesham, Suffolk  
    Collins, Jane E Wife Married 58   Seale, Surrey  
    Collins, Edward Son   12   Westley, Cambridge  
p27-188 Blacksmith’s shop Watkins, Henry Head Widowed 57 Blacksmith Longdon Marsh  
    Guy, Mary J Niece Single 28 Housekeeper Upper Slaughter, Gloucester  
    Richard, Sophia J Boarder Single 24 Assistant teacher at St G’s Coedpoeth, Wrexham  
189   Baker, William A Head Married 21 Wheelwright, carpenter Hanley Castle  
    Baker, Violet M Wife Married 25   Dymock, Gloucester  
    Baker, Violet M B Daughter   1   Hanley Castle  
190   Crowley, Bartholemew Head Married 60 Labourer Ireland  
    Crowley, Catherine Wife Married 55 Charwoman Cornwall  
    Crowley, Mary Daughter   12   Hanley Castle  
    Crowley, Juliana Daughter   11   Hanley Castle  
    Crowley, Helen Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
191 Hanley Hall Brotheridge, James Head Married 49 Farmer Twyning, Gloucester  
    Brotheridge, Eva H Wife Married 39   Tirley, Gloucester  
    Brotheridge, Allan J Son   14   Twyning, Gloucester  
    Brotheridge, Flora G B Daughter   9   Hanley Castle  
    Price, Jane H Servant Single 18 Domestic Tirley, Gloucester  
192   Sanders, Joseph A Head Married 41 Machinist Welland  
    Sanders, Sarah Wife Married 39   Bransford  
    Sanders, Alfred H Son   12   Hanley Castle  
    Sanders, Joseph Son   10   Hanley Castle  
193 The Cottage Butler, Arthur O Head Married 48 Own means Kirkshall, Yorkshire  
    Butler, Amelia Wife Married 43   Liverpool, Lancashire  
    Brooks, Winifred Servant Single 67 Cook Ireland  
    Hochkins, Ruth Servant Single 22 Parlourmaid Ripple  
194 Merevale Farm Watson, George Head Married 56 Farmer Leamington, Warwick  
    Watson, Mary Wife Married 57   Edmonsite, Warwick  
    Wileman, Mary K K Daughter Single 25   Marton, Warwick  
    Boffey, Lydia G Servant Single 26 Cook West Bromwich, Stafford  
    Wright, Elizabeth A Servant Single 16 Housemaid Hills Croome  
195 Near Merevale Martin, William Head Married 54 Waggoner Charlton Abbots, Gloucester  
    Martin, Emma Wife Married 56   Bearley, Warwick  
p28   Martin, Martha Daughter Single 24   Marton, Warwick  
    Martin, Albert Son Single 18 Bricklayer’s labourer Marton, Warwick  
    Martin, Norah Daughter   15   Marton, Warwick  
196 Shaw Lane Pope, James Head Married 62 Farmer Upton  
    Pope, Frances Wife Married 60   Staunton, Gloucester  
    Davies, Edith Granddaughter   12   Hampton Lovett, Worcester  
197 Northend Cottage Prince, William Head Married 26 Agricultural labourer Boddington, Gloucester  
    Prince, Sarah Wife Married 28   Badgeworth, Gloucester  
    Prince, Elsie Daughter   5   Charlton Kings, Gloucester  
    Prince, Florence Daughter   5 months   Badgeworth, Gloucester  
198 (unoccupied)              
199 Northend Farm Shipton, Charles Head Married 45 Farmer Eldersfield  
    Shipton, Ethel A Wife Married 34   Eldersfield  
    Shipton, Beatrice A Daughter   5   Hanley Castle  
    Shipton, Dorothy Daughter   3   Hanley Castle  
    Shipton, Ethel A Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
    Shipton, Maud Daughter   5 months   Hanley Castle  
    Boulton, Kate Visitor Single 27   Pucklechurch, Gloucester  
    Wiggins, Sarah Servant   15 Domestic Tredington, Gloucester  
    Churchill, Joseph Servant   13 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
200 Northfields Farm Hooper, William Head Married 57 Farmer Castlemorton  
    Hooper, Harriet Wife Married 49   Welland  
    Hooper, George Son   13   Berrow  
    Webb, Mary Ann Mother in law Widowed 86   Norton  
    Harding, Eliza Servant Widowed 49 Domestic Whitbourne, Hereford  
201 Cross Hands Davis, Henry Head Married 48 Wheelwright Bishampton  
    Davis, Maria Wife Married 47   Hanley Castle  
    Davis, Owen G Son Single 17 Schoolteacher Hanley Castle  
    Davis, Henrietta I Daughter   14   Hanley Castle  
    Davis, Dorothea Daughter   12   Hanley Castle  
    Davis, Mabel H Daughter   8   Hanley Castle  
    Gibbings, John Visitor Married 31 Postal clerk, telegraphist Brampton, Devon  
    Gibbs, Joseph   Single 18 Apprentice wheelwright Shipton on Stour  
p29   Williams, John   Single 17 Apprentice wheelwright Kingsland, Hereford  
202   Allen, William Head Married 70 Butcher Upton  
    Allen, Ann Wife Married 63   Hanley Castle  
    Allen, Charles Son Single 25 Bricklayer’s labourer Hanley Castle  
    Allen, Annie E Daughter   8   Hanley Castle  
203   Kent, John Head Married 76 Former carrier Hanley Castle  
    Kent, Henry Nephew   14   Wolverhampton, Stafford  
    Kent, Gilbert Nephew   12   Wolverhampton, Stafford  
    Little, Edith Grand daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
    Berridge, Celia M   Single 25 Assistant housekeeper Hanley Castle  
204   Allsop, Henry Head Married 75 Bricklayer Hanley Castle  
    Allsop, Mary A Wife Married 76   Hanley Castle  
    Edwards, Frank Grandson Single 16   Hanley Castle  
    Orgee, Mabel A Boarder Single 24 Infant teacher, St Mary’s Chepstow, Monmouth  
205   Surrell, Sydney Head Married 56 Agricultural labourer Castlemorton  
    Surrell, Sarah Wife Married 54   Walton Cardiff, Gloucester  
    Surrell, George Son   15 Servant Hanley Castle  
206   Greenway, Millicent Head Widowed 40 Dressmaker Castlemorton  
    Greenway, Richard Son   18   Castlemorton Infirmity
    Greenway, Amy Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
207   Bartlett, Mary Ann Head Widowed 55 Own means Upleadon  
    Bartlett, William Son Single 17 Agricultural labourer Kempsey  
    Bartlett, Alice Daughter   15   Kempsey  
208   Willis, George Head Married 37 Gardener Hanley Castle  
    Willis, Sarah A Wife Married 46   Forthampton, Gloucester  
209 Post Office (unoccupied)              
210 The Vicarage Isaac, Edward W Head Married 64 Priest, Church of England Hallow  
    Isaac, Lucy Wife Married 61   Wribbenhall  
    Isaac, Gwendoline Daughter Single 31   Buckley, Flintshire  
p30   Isaac, Mary C Daughter Single 24   Dewsbury, Yorkshire  
    Baron, Mahalah Servant Single 50 Cook Bridlington, Yorkshire  
    James, Annie Servant Single 36 Parlourmaid Wribbenhall  
    Field, Annie Servant Single 24 Housemaid Great Witley  
    Cox, Mary Servant   15 Domestic Twyning, Gloucester  
211 Near Vicarage Turner, James Head Married 31 Gardener Malvern  
    Turner, Kate L Wife Married 26   Twyning, Gloucester  
    Turner, Beatrice V Daughter   2 months   Hanley Castle  
212 Near Vicarage Chadd, Harriet Head Widowed 86 Own means Bath, Somerset  
    Chadd, Caroline Step-daughter Single 72 Own means Hanley Castle  
    Chadd, Elizabeth Daughter Single 57 Own means Hanley Castle  
213 Near Vicarage Aspey, James Head Married 41 General labourer Hanley Castle  
    Aspey, Anna M Wife Married 42   Ripple  
214 Churchend Brookes, Alice M Head Single 36 Schoolmistress Worcester  
    Rogers, Mary E Servant Single 17 Domestic Lye  
215 Nibletts Tarling, William Head Married 44 Parish clerk Bishops Cleeve, Gloucester  
    Tarling, Emily Wife Married 50   Hanley Castle  
    Tarling, Ida M Daughter   13   Hanley Castle  
    Matthews, Albert H Boarder Single 33 Engineer (Severn End chauffeur) Small Heath, Birmingham  
    Davies, William Boarder Single 21 Blacksmith Slanmere, Hereford  
216   Allsop, Arthur Head Married 38 Bricklayer Upton  
    Allsop, Lucy Wife Married 41   Worcester  
    Allsop, Lucy M Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
    Allsop, Arthur H Son   2   Hanley Castle  
217   Carr, Francis Head Married 77 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Carr, Sarah Wife Married 75   Hanley Castle  
    Carr, Maria Daughter Single 37   Malvern Wells  
    Webb, Sarah Ann Daughter Widowed 41   Malvern Wells  
    Webb, Lily C Granddaughter   9   Bromsgrove  
218   Pilkington, Elizabeth Head Married 35   Hanley Castle  
    Pilkington, Louise Daughter   13   Hanley Castle  
p31-219 Churchend House Haynes, Charles H Head Married 59 Own means Guarlford  
    Haynes, Rebecca Wife Married 63   Birmingham  
    Haynes, Juliana M Niece Single 37   Hanley Castle  
    Haynes, Rosa A Niece Single 33   Swansea, Glamorgan  
    Yarde, Giles Boarder Single 69   London  
    Barnes, Harriet Servant Single 32 Cook Upton  
    Buttles, Rose Servant Single 25 Housemaid Upton  
220   Turner, Samuel Head Married 56 Own means Dudley  
    Turner, Elizabeth Wife Married 48   Bromton, Suffolk  
    Turner, Vernon W Son   12   Princetown, Devon  
    Turner, Maud E Daughter   12   Princetown, Devon  
    Turner, Gertrude L Daughter   8   Beeston, Nottingham  
221 (unoccupied)              
222/3 Grammar School James, Alban Head Married 46   Shepton Mallet, Somerset  
    James, Mary E Wife Married 34   Lincoln  
    James, George L Son   7   Leicester  
    Beeby, Ethel Visitor Single 19   Leicester  
    Griffiths, John T   Single 20 Assistant master Kulginan, Pembroke  
    Cornish, Clifford   Single 21 Assistant master Bridgwater, Somerset  
    + 26 boarders aged 8-16            
p32   Butler, Clara M Servant Single 30 Cook Bretforton  
    Sanders, Agnes M Servant Single 28 Parlourmaid Stanford Bishop, Hereford  
224   Cove, Margaret Servant Single 20 Nurse Worcester  
    Tyler, Edith E Servant Single 19 Housemaid Malvern  
    Wright, Leah Servant Single 17 Kitchen maid Upton  
225 Shop Little, William Head Married 50 Gardener Hanley Castle  
    Little, Ann Wife Married 45   Hanley Castle  
    Little, Edith Daughter   11   Hanley Castle  
    Little, Mabel Daughter   9   Hanley Castle  
    Little, Hubert Son   5   Hanley Castle  
    Little, Eliza Mother Widowed 95   Hanley Castle  
226 No 26 [Hobbits] Voyce, Charles Head Married 39 General labourer Forthampton, Gloucester  
    Voyce, Mary Wife Married 40   Hanley Castle  
    Voyce, Elizabeth Daughter   8   Hanley Castle  
    Voyce, Michael Son   3   Hanley Castle  
    Voyce, Thomas Father Married 79   Forthampton, Gloucester  
p33-227   Hochkins, Harriet Head Widowed 61   Kempsey  
    Cooper, Elizabeth Daughter Widowed 33 Cook Ripple  
    Hochkins, William J Son Single 20 Bottle washer Ripple  
228   Tombs, Harriet Head Widowed 69 Own means Pendock  
229   Baylis, Henry Head Married 73 Agricultural labourer Baughton  
    Baylis, Mary Wife Married 75   Hanley Castle  
230   Hill, Elizabeth Head Widowed 61 Laundress Bosbury, Hereford  
231 Three Kings Inn Caldicott, Joseph J Head Married 61 Innkeeper Honeybourne  
    Caldicott, Charlotte E Wife Married 61   Alcester, Warwick  
    Upham, Annie Daughter Married 34   Cropthorne  
    Upham, Doris Granddaughter   2   Liverpool  
232   Hill, Annie Head Widowed 60 Laundress Upton  
    Hill, Nellie Daughter Single 30   Hanley Castle  
233   Rogers, James Head Married 52 Blacksmith Peopleton  
    Rogers, Esther Wife Married 51   Worcester  
    Rogers, Hilda V Daughter   8   Clevelode  
    Rogers, James Grandson   4   Worcester  
234 Almshouses Finch, Sarah Head Widowed 77 Own means Ripple  
235   Prior, Fanny Head Widowed 70 Own means Goole, Yorkshire  
    Lampitt, Alice Visitor   23 Dressmaker Welland  
236 (unoccupied)              
237   Webb, Mary Ann Head Widowed 70 Monthly nurse Ripple  
238   Toone, Elizabeth Head Widowed 82 Own means Strensham  
239   Pitt, Albert Head Married 60 Gardener (grave digger) Longdon  
    Pitt, Annie Daughter Single 27   Upton  
    Lock, Mary Boarder Widowed 71   Hayle, Cornwall  
240 Severn End Mowbray, F E   Widowed 42 Housekeeper Liverpool  
    Hill, Elizabeth Servant Married 35 Domestic Hanley Castle  
241 Severn End Lodge (unoccupied)            
p34-242 Castle Lodge Hill, William Head Married 45 Gardener Upleadon, Gloucester  
    Hill, Lizzie Wife Married 42   Eldersfield  
    Hill, Frank Son Single 20 Carpenter Eldersfield  
    Hill, Albert Son Single 18 Painter Eldersfield  
    Jones, Andrew Boarder Single 28 Bricklayer Halesowen  
243 The Castle Kent, Ernest Head Married 56 Wine and spirit merchant Longdon  
    Kent, Mary C Wife Married 51   Offenham  
    Kent, Emily M Daughter Single 26   Severn Stoke  
    Kent, Muriel Daughter Single 25   Severn Stoke  
    Kent, Beatrice M Daughter Single 24   Severn Stoke  
    Kent, Charles R Son Single 23 Merchant’s clerk Severn Stoke  
    Kent, Agnes Daughter Single 18   Severn Stoke  
    Cripps, Annie Servant Single 28 Cook ?, Gloucester  
    Green, Lizzie Servant Single 22 Housemaid Overbury, Gloucester  
    Pitt, Elizabeth Servant Widowed 48 Housemaid ?, Shropshire  
    Nottingham, Ellen Servant Single 28 Parlourmaid Cheltenham, Gloucester  
244 Burley Mill Bennett, George Head Married 50 Miller, corn merchant Little Warley, Essex  
    Bennett, Emily Wife Married 50   Poplar, London  
245 Burley Lock, George Head Married 43 Farmer Hanley Castle  
    Lock, Annie E Wife Married 44   Hanley Castle  
    Lock, Harry Son   12   Hanley Castle  
    Lock, Mary G Daughter   10   Hanley Castle  
    Lock, Marion Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
    Gale, Lucy Visitor Single 42   West Malvern  
246 Pool House Twycross, Edward Head Married 60 Auctioneer, coal/coke merchant, Coventry, Warwick  
    Twycross, Mary A Wife Married 61 insurance broker/agent Prestbury, Gloucester  
    Twycross, May M Daughter Single 23   Ripple  
247 Quay Lane Lippitt, Amelia Head Widowed 54 Grocer Malvern  
    Thomas, John Boarder Single 44 Assistant gardener Upton  
248   Croft, Alfred Head Widowed 55 Engine driver (thrasher) Welland  
p35-249   Hill, George Head Married 32 Gardener Upton  
    Hill, Dorothy Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
250   Thomas, William Head Married 25 Gardener Wadborough  
    Thomas, Alice Wife Married 25   Upton  
    Thomas, Frank Son   1   Hanley Castle  
251   Fry, William Head Married 37 Woodman Great Winchcombe, Gloucester  
    Fry, Lillie Wife Married 36   Birmingham  
    Fry, Florence F Daughter   10   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Fry, Beatrice Daughter   8   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
    Fry, Jesse Son   6   Tewkesbury, Gloucester  
252   Wood, Eliza Head Widowed 73 Laundress Upton  
    Hill, Annie Granddaughter   11   Hanley Castle  
253   Wood, Edith Wife Married 33   Kempsey  
    Wood, Gertrude Daughter   4   Hanley Castle  
    Wood, Thomas Son   2   Hanley Castle  
    Wood, George Son   1   Hanley Castle  
    Wood, James Son   1   Hanley Castle  
    Wood, Kathleen Daughter   2 months   Hanley Castle  
254 Herberts Farm Rimell, William Head Married 45 Farmer Hallow  
    Rimell, Laura P Wife Married 40   Woolhope, Hereford  
    Rimell, Bertram H Son   11   Hanley Castle  
    Rimell, Leonard W Son   8   Hanley Castle  
    Hooke, Evelyn Visitor Single 25   Norton  
    Pemberton, Nellie Servant   14   Ripple  
255   Evans, George Head Married 28 Cowman Redmarley  
    Evans, Mary Wife Married 30   Pershore  
    Evans, George Son   6   Hanley Castle  
256   Martin, James Head Married 36 Cowman Strensham  
    Martin, Amy E Wife Married 29   Charlton Kings, Gloucester  
    Martin, Annie L Daughter   5   Hill Croome  
    Martin, Edith E Daughter   4 months   Hanley Castle  
p36-257   Emery, William Head Single 81 Own means Hanley Castle Blind
    Okey, Elizabeth   Widowed 70 Housekeeper Ashleworth, Gloucester  
258 (unoccupied)              
259   Gillham, George Head Married 50 Carpenter Hook  
    Gillham, Sarah A Wife Married 44   Pershore  
    Gillham, Emily Daughter Single 22   Brotheridge Green  
    Gillham, Leonard Son   7   Hanley Castle  
260   Meredith, Thomas Head Married 42 General labourer Great Malvern  
    Meredith, Alice Wife Married 40   Notgrove, Gloucester  
    Meredith, Edith Daughter   11   Great Malvern  
    Meredith, Mabel Daughter   8   Great Malvern  
    Meredith, Elsie Daughter   3   Upton  
    Meredith, Frank Son   1   Hanley Castle  
261   Pitt, Henry Head Married 53 Gardener Upton  
    Pitt, Maria Wife Married 51   Upton  
    Pitt, John Son Single 19 Gardener Upton  
    Pitt, George Son Single 16 Gardener Upton  
262   Jones, William Head Married 53 Agricultural labourer Hanley Castle  
    Jones, Harriet Wife Married 52   Kinnersley  
    Jones, Mary Daughter   23 Seamstress Hanley Castle  
    Jones, Louisa Daughter   10   Hanley Castle  
    Jones, Beatrice Daughter   8   Hanley Castle  
    Jones, Hannah Daughter   6   Hanley Castle  
263 Bonner’s Cottage Cox, George Head Married 39 Waggoner Westbury on Severn  
    Cox, Fanny Wife Married 40   Twyning, Gloucester  
    Cox, Herbert Son   13 Waggoner Queenhill  
    Cox, Martha Daughter   11   Twyning, Gloucester  
    Cox, Alice Daughter   9   Twyning, Gloucester  
    Cox, Beatrice Daughter   7   Hanley Castle  
    Cox, Frederick Son   5   Hanley Castle  
p37   Cox, Margarite Daughter   3   Castlemorton  
    Cox, Ernest Son   2   Castlemorton  
    Cox, William Son   1 month   Hanley Castle  
264   Martin, Henry Head Married 28 Shepherd Washbourne, Gloucester  
    Martin, Hannah Wife Married 29   Bewdley  
    Martin, Frederick B Son   8   Stourport  
    Martin, Lilian Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
265 Bowling Green Tombs, Daniel Head Married 40 Journeyman bricklayer Pendock  
    Tombs, Eliza Wife Married 31   Wadborough  
    Tombs, Ralph W D Son   6   Hanley Castle  
    Tombs, Harold A Son   5   Hanley Castle  
    Tombs, Harry A V Son   3   Hanley Castle  
    Tombs, Evelyn M Daughter   2   Hanley Castle  
    Tombs, Lizzie J Daughter   6 weeks   Hanley Castle  
    Thomas, Mary (aunt) Daughter Widowed 73 Former laundress Redmarley  
266   Simmonds, Charles Head Married 50 Gardener Hanley Castle  
    Simmonds, Maria Wife Married 46 Laundress Hanley Castle  
    Simmonds, Alice Daughter   14   Hanley Castle  
267   Tomkins, Henry Head Married 58 Labourer Upton  
    Tomkins, Elizabeth Wife Married 56   Forthampton, Gloucester  
    Tomkins, Alfred Son Single 28 Market gardener Hanley Castle  
    Tomkins, Lilly Daughter Single 17   Hanley Castle  
268 Churchend Bennett, Emma Wife Married 46   Upton  
    Bennett, George Son Single 22 Railway worker Upton  
    Bennett, Edward Son Single 17   Hanley Castle  
    Bennett, Frank Son Single 16   Hanley Castle  
    Bennett, Kate Daughter   14   Hanley Castle  
    Bennett, Richard Son   13   Hanley Castle  
269   Thomas, George Head Widowed 80 Own means Alfrick  

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