Listed buildings

In order of age, the listed buildings in the parish are:

14th century

St Mary’s church, restored in 1674 and 1858

15th century

Whittemere, A440 [Upton to Worcester road]

c. 1500

Glebe Cottage, Church End

16th century

Three Kings Inn, Church End;

Cross Hands Cottage, near 19th c. pumphouse, Roberts End;

Herberts Farm & 17th c. Barn, Quay Lane

c. 1600

Almshouses, Church End;

Merevale Farm, A440 [Upton to Worcester road];

Hanley Hall & 17th c. Barn, Gilberts End;

Sixth Form House, Hanley Castle High School, Church End;

Quakers Farm, Hanley Swan

17th century

The Roses, Nut Tree Cottage & Copley, Hanley Swan [once one house];

Horton Manor Farm, Roberts End;

Ivy House, Roberts End;

Cross Hands Cottage, corner of Roberts End and A440;

Cross Hands Cottage, A440 [opposite Roberts End junction];

Yew Tree Cottage, A440 [near Roberts End junction];

Cliffey Farm;

Northfield Farm;

Northend Farm;

Severn End: barn – 1658, pavilion -1661, mansion wings – 1673, gates, walls, outbuildings, pigeoncote – 1677, cottage, brewhouse – 1681. [Original late 15th c. house rebuilt after fire of 1896 left just Tudor chimney stacks standing.];

The Old Vicarage, Hanley Castle;

Hanley Castle High School [original block];

The White Cottage, Church End;

27 Church End;

29 Church End;

Hobbits, Church End;

At Last, Church End;

Quay Lane Farm;

Bonner Cottage, Quay Lane;

The Cottage, Quay Lane;

Birley Mill Cottage, near castle mound;

Gilberts End Farm & Barn;

Brickwalls Farm & Barn, Gilberts End;

Cherry Tree Cottage, Picken End;

Apple Tree Cottage, Picken End

18th century

Pool House, near Upton;

Birley Farm, near castle mound;

Herbert’s Farm summerhouse (former privy);

Pyndar House, Hanley Castle

19th century

Birley Mill, near castle mound;

Ladywell, Roberts End, c. 1820;

Our Lady & St Alphonsus Roman Catholic church & Presbytery, 1846;

St Gabriel’s church, 1874;

Severn End Lodge & gate piers, 1899

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