Hanley Castle Parish Council

Parish and Town councils occupy the lowest level in the British governmental structure and represent the interests of local communities.  Although the parish once performed both civil and ecclesiastical functions, these functions were split in 1894, and church parishes are now quite separate.  Parish councils must hold an annual meeting, plus at least three other meetings, each year.

Civil parish councils can exercise a range of local powers, over matters such as the provision of allotments, cemeteries, bus shelters, traffic signs, and they perform a variety of local maintenance functions. The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has more information.

Meetings of the Hanley Castle Parish Council are held at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of every month in the Hanley Swan Village Hall. The dates of these meetings are included in the Village Calendar.

Parish Councillors

Contact details  for Parish, District and County Councillors, the Clerk to the Parish Council and Parish Wardens

Neighbourhood Planning

To see the Agendas for Parish Council Meetings select  “Agendas” from the Hanley Castle Parish Council entry in the sidebar.

To see the Minutes of Parish Council Meetings select  “Minutes” from the Hanley Castle Parish Council entry in the sidebar.

Malvern Hills District Council website.

Worcestershire County Council website.

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