Hanley and Welland Oil Club

Pay less for your Heating Oil


The club currently just under 400 members in the Hanley and Welland area.

Our current preferred supplier is Hingley Callow at Stourport, with whom we have an agreed weekly formula to calculate the club price, and a guarantee that if the formula price is higher than their lowest spot price, members are always offered the lowest price.


To join the club all you need to do is register your name, address, postcode and telephone number with Dennis Wade 01684 310410 and he will pass on those details to the oil supplier (currently Hingley Callow).

When you want to order oil, you phone Hingley Callow on 01299 828800 after 10.00am on a Monday and before 3.00pm on a Tuesday and they will tell you the current club price. (You can check with other suppliers that this is the best price) if you decide to place your order with Hingley Callow and it is placed before 2.00pm on the Tuesday they will normally deliver on Wednesday of the same week.


Is there a minimum order? – Yes, 500 litres, but there is no surcharge for ordering under 1000 litres. The price per litre is the same.

Is there a membership fee? – No, it is free.

Do I have to buy from Hingley Callow? – No, if you happen to be offered a better price elsewhere, you are at liberty to order from somebody else.

How do I pay? – You will be invoiced by Hingley Callow and you must pay within 7 days. No charge for cheques and Debit Cards. Credit Card payments attract a surcharge.

The supplier offers a monthly budget scheme and once you are a Member they will give you details if you ask for them.


Telephone: Dennis Wade on 01684 310410.

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Page updated on 14 Nov 2023