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Neighbourhood Plans have become an important way of helping shape communities under new planning policies and guidelines. Hanley Castle Parish Council has decided to set the process of developing their Neighbourhood plan in motion as soon as possible to ensure that the community’s wishes are not ignored in the future.

Neighbourhood Plan – Time to Comment (Again)

This is a further opportunity for the residents of the parish of Hanley Castle to comment upon the documents which comprise the neighbourhood plan. In 2014 we received the results of our questionnaires to both residents and businesses. Since then a lot of work has been done to reflect these results in policies that will form part of the planning process. The results of our previous informal consultation have been incorporated into these revised documents. Continue reading


Neighbourhood Plan – What we did in 2016

Neighbourhood Planning – What we did in 2015

When we started to develop our Neighbourhood Plan I don’t think any of us envisaged it would take more than two years! Here we are at the start of 2016 entering year three of our endeavours; I can at last see some light at the end of the tunnel. Our Plan will of course be linked to the South Worcestershire Development Plan which is expected to be adopted around Easter time 2016. We will be aiming to have our plan drafted, but not approved, in a similar timescale.

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NHP – Aims and Objectives

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NHP Roadshow (Sep 2015)


Are we heading in the right direction?

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Neighbourhood Planning – What we did in 2014

So here we are at the start of 2015 and we have been working upon Neighbourhood Planning for nearly twelve months. What have we achieved in that period?

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Exhibition – Questionnaire Results

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A Thank You

Neighbourhood Planning Questionnaire

Just before the end of July the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Committee distributed a questionnaire to every household in the Parish with a requested return date of 9th August. We distributed approximately 590 questionnaires and received 224 completed documents, although it took sometime after our requested date to achieve that total.

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Time is Running Out!

The deadline for completing your Neighbourhood Planning Questionnaire is this Saturday the 9th August.

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Questionnaire Confidentiality

Some parishioners have raised legitimate questions with us about the confidentiality of information input into our Neighbourhood Planning questionnaire. I hope the steps we are taking will re-assure you all of our good intentions and our promise not to misuse the information you provide.

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