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Community Dig Concluded

In February, county archaeologist and project manager Derek Hurst addressed a packed meeting of members and volunteers to explain what had been found during the community dig that took place in the field north of Quay Lane in September/October 2012. Over the course of the   project, some 60 volunteers found 1902 artefacts weighing 142 kg in five trenches. Much of this material was slag and iron waste from smelting furnaces – evidence that Hanley Castle was a significant industrial site in Roman times.

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Community Dig News (Week 3)

Day 13 – 9 October. A reduced workforce finishes recording features in Trench 2 and more finds are made in Trenches 5 and 6.

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Community Dig News (Week 2)

Day 7 – 1 October. Work is concentrated in three trenches, with digging of half sections along some lengths and spot features in others. Part of a ditch, possibly pre-Roman, is uncovered in a section of Trench 2 while another section produces only a considerable number of pebbles. The largest pot base yet found emerges from Trench 6. A heavy shower slows progress in the afternoon.

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Community Dig News (Week 1)

In the week before the dig, archaeologists had used the evidence from a geophysical survey to pinpoint the site of nine trenches in the field north of Quay Lane and one in the field to the south. An expert JCB operator then removed the topsoil by precision cutting trenches varying in length from 10 m to 40 m and to a depth of 30-60 cm.

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Hanleys Big Dig

As part of its Heritage Lottery Fund grant, The Hanleys’ Village Society plans to carry out a community dig in a field north of Quay Lane, Hanley Castle, leading down to the River Severn, during the last week in September and the first week in October.

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