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Hanley Castle WI Homily (June 2020)


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Hanley Castle WI Homily (May 2020)


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Tulip Tour

Brian Skeys has set uo a Tulip Tour – view it here.

“Thank You” to Ros, Alan and staff

We would like to say a big “Thank You” to Ros, Alan and staff at Hanley Swan Post Office for all their help and assistance during the present crisis.

Not being able (or allowed?) to go out too much ourselves (over seventy), the shop has been a fantastic touchstone for pick-up of things needed quickly that our daughter can collect. How blessed we are to have a facility like this on our doorstep!

Lou Chapman and Graham Morris

Hanley Castle Community Broadband Project (Apr 2020)

Hanley Castle Broadband update.

You may have noticed the Hanley Castle fibre broadband has not actually turned up yet. And you may not be surprised to hear the reason is Covid-19.

We had all our vouchers approved and the funding secured, with Openreach contractors actively installing fibre round the village. I’m reasonably certain this bit is now complete.

Trouble is Openreach, not unreasonably, have instructed their engineers to carry on with outside installation work but not to enter people’s properties for the time being.

The last stage – the connection between the road and the properties – was about to happen when the pandemic hit so it appears that, like so much, the actual arrival of fibre broadband will have to wait for Covid to subside.

Bill Bell


Hanley Castle WI Homily (April 2020)


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Hanley Castle WI Homily (March 2020)


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Tree Planting (Mar 2020) – Updated

Some 400 trees will be planted in Hanley Swan on Saturday, 7th March starting at 10am, as part of the council’s project to make the parish carbon neutral by 2025. For this scheme, Howard Hutchings has kindly made land available in a field behind his house, The Grange, Roberts End, and native broadleaf saplings with stakes and shelters are being generously donated by Steve Harvey, founder of the Let’s Plant carbon neutral company.

The land will remain privately owned, but if you would like to be involved in this community tree planting activity please contact Malcolm Fare on:


Many thanks to everyone who turned up this morning to help plant trees in the field behind Howard Hutchings’s house, The Grange. It all went remarkably smoothly. Under the expert guidance of Peter Goodyear, the 20+ volunteers soon mastered the routine: make a small hole in the previously turned earth with a spade, insert sapling – mainly oak, but also including beech, hornbeam, birch, alder, lime and hazel – hammer in a stake, fit a plastic sleeve over the tree and tighten its two ties around the stake – then repeat 420 times. Within 2 hours the job was done and the workers were rewarded with tea/coffee and fruit cake from Carol Hutchings and freshly baked rock cakes from Angela Godwin.

Tree Planting

Hanley Castle WI Homily (February 2020)


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Hanley’s Historic Houses

An illustrated book about some of the older houses in the parish of Hanley Castle has been published by The Hanleys’ Village Society. Written by local historian Malcolm Fare after 3 years’ research into county and family archives, Hanley’s Historic Houses describes 90 houses of historic interest and some of the people who have lived in them over the centuries. A fold-out map identifies where they are located and suggests a walk linking them, starting at Hanley Swan Village Stores.


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