Hanley Castle Community Broadband Project (Oct 2019)

Hanley Castle Broadband update. Notspot no more.

Good news. Nearly there!

Thanks to all those who signed up and helped make Hanley Castle about to be a better connected and an even more attractive place to live.

Hanley Castle should soon have superfast Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP) bringing it bang up to date with the latest and best connectivity. FTTP  will provide at least 100Mb/S and up to 1Gb/S and beyond, which for some of us is over 1000 times more than at present! This will make it possible for us all to access not just faster internet but Hi definition/ 4K TV services and better phone services. FTTP is also future proof in a way that other options, such as 5G or FTTC are not.

The contract has been signed and the survey is now complete so we are just waiting for Openreach to do the actual installation. Their website currently claims the work should be complete by Christmas. (Where have I heard this before? Perhaps this is a little optimistic, but at least the end is in sight!)

All those who signed up will have had their property surveyed so that the fibre comes into their house by an agreeable route and is installed where they want, in my own case Openreach were very helpful and went to some trouble to  route the connections and cable to avoid disturbing my drive.

Whether or not you signed up for the scheme, everyone around the village passed by the fibres will still be able to get full fibre broadband, so the whole village, including future residents, will benefit.

Openreach will make sure connections are available so that all properties will be able to get access to the fibres, latecomers will have to access the fibre boxes from wherever Openreach put them so, while the install may involve additional costs or disruption, the service will be the same.

Bill Bell