Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2019

What’s Going On at the Parish Council?

Highlights from the Hanley Castle PC Meeting held 16 May 2019

Keeping you, our parishioners, informed about our activities is an important responsibility of the Parish Council (PC). This is a summary; detailed minutes can be accessed on-line at The Hanleys web site or

Safer Roads Partnership

We heard from the Safer Roads Partnerships speed watch action group as we are trying to recruit community volunteers to operate within Hanley Castle to deter speeding through the parish. If you are interested please contact the Parish Council.

Defibrillators in the Parish

Thanks to the Village hall committee, WI, Swan pub, British Legion and other community minded individuals for their effort to get defibs in the parish. We have several already installed and a couple more coming!

Rocks on Verges

We are awaiting information regarding the legal position of rocks on verges. Please be aware that it may be illegal to place rocks on the verges as this land belongs to Highways. We will keep you informed! On a similar note, please be advised not to park on pavements as this poses a risk to pedestrians and is illegal.


A number of parishioners have raised questions regarding development of the incinerator. We will provide an update as it is currently going through an appeal process.

Pond Wardens

Our wonderful pond wardens Neil and Gigi Verlander are stepping down after years of voluntarily maintaining the pond. We would like to say a huge warm thank you to them from the Parish Council and all the people who enjoy the pond area. We have organised a collection, if you would like to make a contribution no matter how small, please pop into the shop. We are looking for some volunteers to help keep the area looking good, if you would like to help in some way, please get in touch.

District and County Councillors

We welcomed Andrea Morgan as a returning District Councillor and Martin Allen as a new District Councillor. Tom Wells continues as County Councillor.

Next meeting

20th June at 7pm in the Village Hall small meeting room.

CONTACT US via Rebecca Abunassar, the Parish Clerk, on 01684 292115 or