Parish Council Meeting Notes – Oct 2018

What’s Going On at the Parish Council?

Highlights from the Hanley Castle PC Meeting held 18 October 2018

Keeping you, our parishioners, informed about our activities is an important responsibility of the Parish Council (PC). This is a summary; detailed minutes can be accessed on-line at The Hanleys web site or

This meeting was attended by District Councillor Andrea Morgan.

Neighbourhood Plan

The parish vote on the Neighbourhood Plan has been confirmed for the 29th November.

Bus Services

Councillor Adeney has suggested to Tom Wells that there should be a bus services ‘users’ forum’ as there is for rail services.


  • A site for the VAS has been identified opposite St Gabriel’s church.
  • An additional post for the VAS will also be provided by the Highball Centre.
  • Additional white gates will be positioned by the 30mph sign.
  • We are still pressing Highways to repaint ‘dragons teeth’ on the approach to Hanley Swan from Welland.
  • The High School have had to remind parents yet again, to only pick their children up after 3.30 because of the parking hazards being created.

 District Councillor Morgan

  • Universal Credit is now being handled by the CAB not MHDC.
  • A review of the SWDP is to be undertaken.
  • There is to be a safety and anti-crime event for the farming community to be held on 22 November at the showground between 4 – 7pm.

 Other Items

  • The former gardening club requested permission to plant a tree adjacent to the pond.
  • Several new footpath signposts have been erected.
  • The future of Upton Library is still unclear with the WCC carrying out another review of services.
  • The provision of defibrillators within the villages was discussed. It seems there are a number of uncoordinated initiatives taking place. Councillor Roberts undertook to try and draw these together to ensure relevant and accessible availability.
  • Training on resuscitation techniques will be provided by Heartstart in the village hall on 5th December, 6 to 8pm. Contact Jay Field on 310154 for details.

The next parish council meeting will be on 15 November 2018 at 7pm in the Village Hall small meeting room. Parishioners are most welcome to attend.

Your Parish Councillors are: Sue Roberts (chairman); John Taverner (vice chairman); Sue Adeney; Allison Bolton; Sarah Darwent; Bob Lamb, Wendy Roberts-Powell and Alex Walker.

CONTACT US via Rebecca Abunassar, the Parish Clerk, on 01684 292115 or

Bob Lamb on behalf of the Parish Council