Hanley Castle Neighbourhood Development Plan – The Last Step

At long last after a prolonged development period we have reached the last step in having a neighbourhood plan for the parish of Hanley Castle.

All that remains is for the community to vote on the acceptability of the plan. In consequence a referendum relating to the plan will be held on Thursday 29 November 2018.

The question that will be asked in the Referendum is “Do you want Malvern Hills District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Hanley Castle Parish to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?” (The neighbourhood area is the whole parish.)

A person is entitled to vote in the Referendum if:

  • He or she is entitled to vote in an election of any Councillor of Malvern Hills District Council any of whose area is in the Referendum area; and
  • His or her qualifying address for the election is in the Referendum area. A person’s qualifying address is, in relation to a person registered in the register of electors, the address in respect of which he or she is entitled to be so registered.

The District Council will issue polling cards to eligible voters and the vote will take place at the village hall.

A copy of the specified documents, that is those documents listed below, may be inspected on the District Council’s website at https://www.malvernhills.gov.uk/hanley-castle

The Plan and Design Guide documents with supporting information are also available on this website by following the links below.

Copies are also available for inspection at the following locations:

  • Malvern Library, Graham Road, Malvern, WR14 2HU (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am-5pm, Wednesday 9:30am-5pm)

The specified documents are:

  • The draft Hanley Castle Parish Neighbourhood Plan, as modified;
  • The draft Hanley Castle Design Guide, as modified
  • Supporting Documents
  • The report of the independent examiner into the draft Hanley Castle Parish Neighbourhood Plan;
  • Copies of the written representations submitted to the independent examiner;
  • A Decision Statement of Malvern Hills District Council’s satisfaction that the draft Hanley Castle Parish Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions specific by statue and complies with the provision made by or under Section 38A and 38B of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004;
  • A statement that sets out general information as to Town and Country Planning including Neighbourhood Planning and the Referendum;
  • Map of the Hanley Castle Parish Neighbourhood Plan Area.

The Parish Council thanks those members of the community who have helped in the plan development and urges all voters to USE YOUR VOTE on Thursday 29th November.