Parish Council Meeting Notes – Sep 2018

What’s Going On at the Parish Council?

Highlights from the Hanley Castle PC Meeting held 20 September 2018

Keeping you, our parishioners, informed about our activities is an important responsibility of the Parish Council (PC). This is a summary; detailed minutes can be accessed on-line at The Hanleys web site or

This meeting was attended by County Councillor Tom Wells.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan has been approved by an external planning inspector and is now with MHDC for their final acceptance. We are expecting a parish vote on the plan to be held on the 29th November.

Bus Services

Councillor Wells reported on the actions that he and other councillors had taken to try and make the revised bus timetable more appropriate to the needs of the community. The new timetable was introduced on 17th September but bus users need to be aware of variations between services on schooldays and non-schooldays. Additionally the turnaround time in Upton can be short.

The County Council has committed to a review of subsidised bus services.


The police are monitoring the area behind the village hall because of anti-social behaviour. If you see anything suspicious, please report it.

Other Items

  • Lloyds bank in Upton is closing on 19th October. There will be a mobile bank on Hanley Rd car park Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • The war memorial in St Mary’s churchyard will be repaired before 11th November.
  • The proposed re-opening of the incinerator is still under discussion by the County Council.
  • 33 entries were received for the Autumn Show ticket draw.
  • The pathway from the Holloway along Roberts End is potholed and dangerous. It would be helpful if anyone wishing to complain about it contacted the County Council. The PC will also be making representations to get it repaired.
  • We are still pursuing our community speed camera application as well as considering the best options for an additional speed warning sign.
  • As a result of the hot weather, road surface rippling has been noted in Roberts End and at the Cross Hands junction. Please let us know of any other instances that may be dangerous.

The next parish council meeting will be on 18 October 2018 at 7pm in the Village Hall small meeting room. Parishioners are most welcome to attend.

Your Parish Councillors are: Sue Roberts (chairman); John Taverner (vice chairman); Sue Adeney; Allison Bolton; Sarah Darwent; Bob Lamb, Wendy Roberts-Powell and Alex Walker.

CONTACT US via Rebecca Abunassar, the Parish Clerk, on 01684 292115 or

Bob Lamb on behalf of the Parish Council