Minutes for 19th November 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 19th November 2015 starting at 7:00pm in Hanley Swan Village Hall.

Present: Councillors: Sue Roberts (Chairman) Bob Lamb Sarah Darwent John Taverner Alison Bolton

Apologies: Cllrs Sue Adeney (in India) & Wendy Roberts-Powell Peter Goodyear (PPW) Andrea Morgan (DCllr)

In Attendance: Mrs Rebecca Abunassar (Clerk) and Tony Atkinson (Parishioner)

163 /15 Welcome: The Chairman welcomed all present to the Meeting of the Parish Council and accepted the apologies submitted to the Clerk were accepted.

164/15 Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Requests from Councillors

a) Register of Interests: Councillors were reminded that they should have updated their register of interests and sent them to John Williams at MHDC.
b) To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: None Declared
c) To declare any Other Disclosable Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: Cllr Adeney declared an interest in item 4) min 145/15 as a neighbour.
d) To consider and agree all requests from Councillors for the Council to Grant a Dispensation (S33 of the Localism Act 2011) for the term of office post election – Each Councillor had submitted a request for dispensation to discuss and vote on the finances of the Parish Council during the current term of office. It was agreed to accept the requests and all Councillors were granted a dispensation to discuss and vote on Parish financial matters for their term of office. Cllr Roberts also submitted a dispensation regarding Hanley Castle High School for her term of office as she had an interest as a member of the board of the Foundation and Academy Trusts. It was agreed she would be granted the right to discuss matters but not to vote. Cllr Darwent submitted a dispensation relating to the Café Market, it was agreed that she would have a dispensation to discuss Café Market matters but she would not vote. All dispensations granted were for the term of office.

Closure of the meeting to allow parishioners present to speak on any matters relating to the Parish. No issues raised.

165/15 Minutes
The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 15th October 2015 had been previously circulated and the minutes were approved and signed.

166/15 Matters Arising & Progress Reports not Listed elsewhere on the Agenda:
a) Min 69c/14: Anne Ballinger gift: The Clerk had looked into costs and an open notice board would be approximately £1000. It was discussed and agreed the best location would be the grass area by Winnington Gardens or the area by the bench on Welland Road and the second could be attached to the back of the information board by the pond. Cllr Darwent offered to get the measurements of the information board and it was agreed to get a quotation for a double fronted open noticeboard with commemorative plaques for the grass area.
Action: The Clerk to check with WCC that the proposed locations are possible to use and to get confirmation of noticeboards and plaques.
b) Min 45b/15 Blackmore Bus Stop: The Clerk had spoken to Stuart Payton at Highways who was aware of a proposal to alter the lay-by to service the caravan park but said it had not yet been agreed and was not currently planned in the schedule of works. He confirmed if the proposal did get discussed he would advise the Parish Council for their input. The Clerk had emailed the residents who live by the lay-by to advise them.
c) Min 98a/15: Parking Issue at HCHS: A meeting had been arranged for 4.30pm on the 9th December.
d) Min 98c/15: Speed Check on Welland Road – The Clerk had spoken to Safer Roads Partnership and they would discuss the matter at their January meeting.
ACTION: The Clerk to send a follow up email in January to find out the outcome of the meeting.
e) Min 145/15: Brickwalls Barn: A site meeting had been held with Mr & Mrs Smith to discuss the issues raised by residents in Gilberts End. A letter detailing the agreed actions from the meeting had been drafted and approved by all and would be distributed to those that had raised concerns about the rallies.
ACTION: Cllr Roberts to distribute the letters.

167/15 Finance:
a) Payment of Accounts: Members approved the payments of accounts as in the presented schedule in Appendix 1.
b) Notification of receipts received: None received.
c) To consider any inclusions in the 2016-2017 budget: Cllr Taverner advised that the Clerk and he were going to meet in prior to the next meeting to draft the budget for approval at the January meeting and asked that any requests for inclusion be sent to him as soon as possible. He asked Cllr Lamb to advise what funding provision should be included for the Neighbourhood Plan
ACTION: Cllr Lamb to send NHP 2016-2017 fund request to Cllr Taverner

168/15 Projects related to the Section 106 Funding:
a) Parish Council: The signage from the Big Lottery Fund was still outstanding and would be reordered.
ACTION: The Clerk to order the signage and arrange for it to be put up.

169/15 Planning:
a) To Consider the following applications referred by MHDC for consultation:

15/01510/FUL Land within Blackmore Business and Technology Park, Off Blackmore Park Road, Anaerobic digestion plant and associated infrastructure (utilising energy crops as feedstock) to produce bio-gas, electricity and digestate

The application was considered and whilst no objections were raised it was agreed to request the 40mph is extended along Blackmore Park Road and that the same lighting constraints as the main site are enforced to minimise light pollution.

15/01508/HOU 34 Winnington Gardens, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire, WR8 0DJ
First floor extension to rear above existing dining room and two storey extension to rear.

No objections were raised.

15/01399/OUT 190 Poolbrook Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3JZ
Outline application with all matters reserved for erection of up to 6 dwellings
No objections were raised as the site was included within the SWDP however it was requested that it was highlighted that the majority of the houses would be within the Parish and therefore CIL or section 106 contributions would be sought.

15/01310/HOU The Old Granary, Merebrook Farm, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire,
Ground floor link lobby infill extension and lower ground floor garage projection extension.

No objections were raised.

ACTION: The Clerk to contact the relevant planning officers with the council’s decisions.

Ryall Sand & Gravel – additional information had been received from the County Council and reviewed by Cllr Lamb and would also be on display in Upton. The additional information related to the noise, sound and movements but it was considered to be a reiteration of previous information but with a risk survey on the water movement. It was agreed there was no significant change to the application and it was also noted that the current decision date is set for February.

b) To consider under the Scheme of Delegation any Planning Applications received
between the publication of the agenda and the Meeting: None received

c) Details of Decision Notices Received to-date:
15/01120/FUL Land adjoining White Cottage, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle
2 no. new dwellings and creation of new access
Refusal (Full Planning) 22-Oct-2015

15/01197/FUL White Cottage, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle,
replacement dwelling.
Approval (Full Planning) 28-Oct-2015

15/01205/FUL Oakmere, Oakmere Park, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire, WR8 0DZ
Demolition of an existing store and an erection of a new office and equipment store for caravan park.
Approval (Full Planning) 14-Oct-2015

15/01282/LBC Brickwalls Farm, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle, Worcestershire, WR8 0AS
Replacement of existing windows. Alternative scheme to approved 15/0445/LBC. New windows made from idigbo
Consent (Listed Building) 26-Oct-2015

d) Details of Appeal Notices Received to-date: None received

e) Details of enforcement action: Nothing to report

170/15 Highway Matters
a) Report & Works for the Lengthsman – Cllr Taverner reported that the hedge had been cut back at Cross Hands and that the Lenghtsman had looked at the verge by Chapmans Orchard but he was unable to tackle it. Cllr Roberts advised that she had spoken to the Primary School’s ground contractor and they were happy to cut it. They had quoted £200 for the initial work and then £20 a cut fortnightly between April-October. All were in favour of this option so it was agreed that Cllr Roberts would contact them and ask them to proceed.
ACTION: Cllr Roberts to ask the contractor to proceed with the agreed work.
b) Update on reported issues – Ian Bamforth’s visit & Coverfield section road ownership.
Nothing has been heard from Ian Bamforth but a Highways van was seen on Gilberts End surveying the edges which was part of the request but the intention was they would contact Cllr Adeney prior to undertaking any survey work.
ACTION: The Clerk to write to chase for a response.

171/15 District & County Councillors Reports
a) District Cllrs Morgan & Morgan: Councillors were not present.
b) County Cllr Tom Wells: Cllr Wells was not present.

172/15 Report of the:
a) Parish Paths Warden – (Peter Goodyear)- The Warden’s report was read out and he reported that he had cleared the path way from Quay Lane to Pool House. It was commented on what a good job Peter had done on the pathway repairs particularly at the end of Picken End.
ACTION: The Clerk to email Mr Goodyear to thank him for his hard work.
b) Pond Wardens (Neil & Gigi Verlander) – The Clerk had received an email from the Pond Wardens to say that they were keeping an eye on the water flow and undertaking general maintenance work on a regular basis. They also reported that they had set up a website which tracked the Village Pond Project that took place in 2009 and have asked for it to be advised in the Parish Link welcoming any additional pictures or articles related to the work. The website was called http://www.hanleyswanpond.co.uk.
c) Playing Field Warden (Graham Holmes) – None received

173/15 Environmental Matters
a) Report of the Environmental Working Group – Cllr Adeney had asked for the verge to be flailed as it is too late to bale.

174/15 Neighbourhood Development Plan – The 26th November at 7pm in the small hall was the time agreed for the parish council presentation on the Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Lamb updated the Council on the work being undertaken, they were carrying on working through the policies with Data Orchard and had had a meeting with MHDC. The MHDC meeting was very useful for feedback and also to make them aware of where the plan was going. They were trying to use things that have already been approved via other plans. He also asked that the remaining unspent grant be ring-fenced as it would be required to be repaid if it remained unspent within the approved timeframe.

175/15 Correspondence
a) Sleeping Rough in Malvern – Clerk completed a Nil return in-line with the timeframe requested.
b) Free First Aid Courses – Dates of the free courses being held by MHDC were circulated.

176/15 Topics raised by Councillors, Committees, Clerk & Parishioners –
a) Proposed list of Section 106 projects and formal consultation with Parish Groups and organisations: Cllr Lamb said that one of the things that had become apparent working on the NHP was the need to create a shopping list of potential projects to give to MHDC and County and to incorporate into the neighbourhood plan. The key one was the High School car park but it was agreed to contact all of the groups within the parish and ask them for ideas of potential projects.
ACTION: The Clerk to send a list of groups to Cllr Roberts to produce a contact list.
b) Road safety improvements at Cross Hands – Another car had left the road and gone into Mrs Bowen’s garden. Cllr Lamb said that cars are travelling too fast and are unable to take the bend. He had spoken to Cllr Wells about putting up barriers by Mrs Bowen’s or a mini roundabout. Other options discussed were putting in an island to make it a pinch point to slow the traffic down but it was thought lighting would be required for mini roundabouts or islands making them unacceptable.
ACTION: Cllr Lamb to contact Cllr Wells to take the matter further.
c) Speed information resulting from the cameras located within the village – The report of
d) the information received from the speed cameras had been received from Safer Road Partnership and was discussed. The Clerk was asked to find out exactly what the threshold was and to ask what they were going to do in December.
ACTION: The Clerk to clarify the outcome of the speed camera initiative.

177/15 Councillors reports and items for future agenda:
Precept setting

178/15 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting: 21st January 2016
The meeting closed at 8.45 pm
Signed ……………………………… Date: 21st January 2016

Appendix 1: Schedule of Payments & Receipts 19th November 2015
Payment of Accounts: The under mentioned accounts were approved:

1475 New Farm Ground Maintenance October Cuts


1476 The Clerk Oct & November pay


1478 The Clerk travel mileage


1479 The Map Shop NHP Exhibition


1480 MHDC Election Costs


1481 CALC Clerk’s Gathering


1482 Data Orchard C.I.C NHP Consultancy Costs


 1483  E H Philips Gravel for Path Repair




Signed ……………………………………… Date: 21st January 2016