NHP – Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

Aim 1 (MnGr)
To encourage vitality and vibrancy in the community through managed growth of housing and business developments that reflect local needs.
Aim 2 (RE)
To maintain the rural environment of the Parish and its settlements.
Aim 3 (BHN)
To maintain and enhance the built, historic and natural environment.
Aim 4 (Des)
To promote thoughtful, quality design of buildings and their built environment to complement or enhance their surroundings.
Aim 5 (Trf)
To minimise the impact of road traffic on the day to day lives of residents whilst encouraging sustainable forms of transport.
Related Objectives Related Objectives Related Objectives Related Objectives Related Objectives
  1. To attract a range of ages and families to the Parish through providing a mix of suitable housing types and sizes. (7)
  2. To ensure the future housing stock allows for all forms of tenure: purchased, shared ownership, private and social rental. (5)
  3. To identify and promote potential development sites within the settlement boundaries and on appropriate brownfield sites. In the case of business developments limit them to existing designated sites unless they are home based. (7)
  4. To discourage back garden developments unless in exceptional circumstances. (2)
  5. To promote incremental rather than ‘big bang’ growth unless there are strategic gains to be made from a larger development. (3)
  6. To maintain the individuality of the Parish rather than it becoming a dormitory suburb. (1)
  7. To integrate new housing and businesses with the existing community so as to promote contact, understanding and involvement. (8)
  8. To ensure a balance is maintained between the size of the community and local businesses and the infrastructure necessary to support them. (5)
  9. To promote the establishment of technical and transport infrastructure that will attract and retain businesses in the Parish. (3)
  10. To encourage the use of the Blackmore site to generate local jobs. (1)
  1. To maintain the physical separation, by agricultural land and green spaces, of the major settlements within the Parish; those of Hanley Castle, Hanley Swan and Gilberts End. (2)
  2. To maintain a physical separation, by agricultural land and green spaces, of the Parish from Malvern urban development. (2)
  3. To support wherever possible the development of agricultural and horticultural businesses. (3)
  4. To promote the re-use of redundant agricultural buildings located outside of the main settlements for the benefit of small businesses, holiday accommodation or housing. (5)
  5. To protect open views which are visible from within the settlements. (3)
  6. To protect existing green spaces within and adjacent to the settlements and to protect ancient trees where practicable. (4)
  7. To promote the planting of further trees and the development of community orchards and woods. (3)
  8. To discourage a scale of development or the use of street furnishings that would be more appropriate for urban developments. Encourage hedgerows, ditches and open verges so as to promote biodiversity. (8)
  9. To support the maintenance of village facilities (Shops, schools, public houses, churches, recreational facilities) and if these are threatened to support nomination as Assets of Community Value and to facilitate the purchase / operation of these assets. (2)
  10. To maintain and encourage an environment that continues to provide easy access to a range of rural activities, such as: walking, riding, shooting, fishing, allotment holding, etc. (1)
  11. To extend the network of footpaths by negotiating permissive paths alongside watercourses. (2)
  1. To compile a Local List of heritage assets to be protected. (2)
  2. To ensure any new development or conversion / extension work adjacent to Listed or Historic buildings are sympathetic and complementary. (9)
  3. To ensure any changes to the public realm do not impact adversely upon Listed or Historic buildings or any other form of heritage asset. (9)
  4. To prevent the encroachment of new buildings upon historic or archaeological sites. (8)
  5. To protect the rivers, streams, drainage schemes, lakes and ponds within the Parish. (1)
  6. To protect ancient woodland, copses, trees, orchards and hedgerows within the Parish. (3)
  7. To protect the key landscape views within the Parish. (2)
  8. To maintain and promote the interconnectivity of green and wild spaces within and across the Parish boundaries. (3)
  9. To investigate the establishment of an SSI within the Parish. (0)
  1. To provide guidance, via a ‘Design Guide’, to developers, business and homeowners on desirable and acceptable features of building and site design that will complement the existing built environment. (18)
  2. To encourage developers of new build properties to go further than planning regulation guidance and to incorporate and maximise ‘green’ design features such as: PV panels, ground / air source heat pumps, water harvesting, high levels of insulation, shared energy / heat generation schemes etc. (4)
  3. To support modern design whereby buildings can be distinctive but not obtrusive as there remains a need to complement their immediate environment. (4)
  4. To support smaller housing developments of up to 10 properties which demonstrate a variety of designs and types. (9)
  5. To ensure new developments integrate with the existing settlements by utilising existing and developing further footpaths within the settlements. (3)
  6. Ensure new developments ‘sit well in the landscape’ by not obstructing key views and through having sufficient green space around and through them. (4)
  1. In association with the Highways authority to introduce appropriate traffic calming measures to both Hanley Swan and Hanley Castle villages. (3)
  2. To proactively work with the Traffic Safety Partnership to monitor and enforce speed limits on the major through routes within the Parish. (1)
  3. To continue working with the management of the Three Counties Showground to manage traffic flows arising from all users of the Showground. (2)
  4. To work with the management of both the Primary and High Schools to resolve issues arising from parking by parents. (3)
  5. To resolve the issue of parking at Hanley Swan cross roads. (3)
  6. To provide a cycle route between Hanley Castle and Hanley Swan that will also form a safe route for children cycling to and from the High School. (3)
  7. To further develop a network of cycle routes within the Parish and to link these to a wider area cycle network that may link with rail and bus routes. (3)
  8. To encourage and promote regular and useful bus services that link the Parish to urban areas. (1)

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