Minutes for 18th June 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 18th June 2015 starting at 7:00pm in Hanley Swan Village Hall.

Present: Councillors: Sue Roberts (Chairman) Bob Lamb Sue Adeney Wendy Roberts-Powell J Taverner

Apologies: Peter Goodyear (PPW) A Morgan (DCllr)

In Attendance: Mrs Rebecca Abunassar (Clerk) M Morgan (DCllr) S Darwent A Bolton

85/15 Welcome:

The Chairman welcomed all present to the Meeting of the Parish Council.

86/15 Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Requests from Councillors

a) Register of Interests: Councillors were reminded that they should have updated their register of interests and sent them to John Williams at MHDC.

b) To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: none declared.

c) To declare any Other Disclosable Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: None declared.

d) To Consider Written Requests from Councillors for the Council to Grant a Dispensation (S33 of the Localism Act 2011) – written requests to be with the clerk at least 4 days prior to a meeting – Councillors were asked to complete a dispensation request for precept setting and financial discussions post election. Cllr Lamb’s & Roberts’ had been received.

Action: The Clerk to email out the required forms to remind the Councillors to complete them.

Closure of the meeting to allow parishioners present to speak on any matters relating to the Parish.

No requests made.

87/15 Minutes

The Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on 21st May 2015 had been previously circulated and the minutes were approved and signed.

88/15 Matters Arising & Progress Reports not Listed elsewhere on the Agenda

a) Min 83b/15: Co-Option of Vacancies – Sarah Darwent and Alison Bolton had come forward to stand for two of the three vacancies following the elections. Both had submitted statements to be read out by the Clerk. Alison Bolton was proposed by Cllr Adeney and seconded by Cllr Lamb and all voted in favour. Sarah Darwent was proposed by Cllr Lamb and seconded by Cllr Roberts-Powell and all were in favour. The Clerk asked them to sign their Declarations of Acceptance of Office to hold on file and they were welcomed onto the Parish Council.

b) Min 69c/14: Anne Ballinger gift

Action: Councillors to continue to source ideas.

c) Min 70d/14: Cycle Route – It was agreed that the opening ceremony would be on the 25th June at 2.30pm. The list of who to invite and the format of the event was confirmed. The Clerk would email invitations out to the guests and ask the High School to arrange for some pupils to attend.

d) Min 148/14: Superfast Broadband – No additional update.

e) Min 164/14: Cemex Application – Cllr Lamb gave an overview of the application for the benefit of Cllr Bolton and Darwent. He went on to say that a meeting was scheduled for Cemex, Croome Estate and Upton Rowing Club to discuss the Rowing Club’s request for an amendment, however a date had not been set by the County Council to hear the application.

f) Min 45b/15 Blackmore Bus Stop: No additional update was available but Cllr Adeney advised that the location for the current bus to stop was very inconsistent. She had also not heard anything about the issue of bus passes for HCHS students.

Action: Cllr Adeney to contact Chris Holloway for an update on both issues.

89/15 Finance:

a) Payment of Accounts: Members approved the payments of accounts as in the presented schedule in Appendix 1.

b) Notification of receipts received: £286 from WCC for March Lengthsman reimbursement.

c) Annual Finances: The Governance Statement was read out and the appropriate responses were given. The Clerk had arranged to meet with Chris Price to complete the internal audit.

90/15 Projects related to the Section 106 Funding:

a) Cricket Club: No additional information available.

b) Parish Council: The Clerk to order the signage.

Action: The Clerk to order the signage and arrange for it to be put up.

c) Request for possible future projects for Section 106 Consideration: No additional projects came forward.

91/15 Planning:

a) To Consider the following applications referred by MHDC for consultation:

15/00623/CLE Application for a Lawful Development for an existing use – the use of the plant for waste disposal by incineration/heat treatment
Location Waste Incineration Unit, Hangmans Lane, Hanley Castle

(Letter circulated prior to the meeting)

The Clerk read out the email received from MHDC explaining that they would not be determining the application as it was a County Council matter. It was agreed to comment on the application so the Parish Council’s interest in the future of the site was noted. Cllr Lamb asked whether it would be beneficial to speak to Simon Smith the Economic Development Officer at MHDC and ask if it would be a suitable site for commercial development. Cllr Morgan agreed that it would be worthwhile. It was anticipated the applicant would shortly be submitting an application for 4 dwellings to be built on the site.

b) To consider under the Scheme of Delegation any Planning Applications received between the publication of the agenda and the Meeting

15/00588/FUL Change of use of building from a Health Clinic to Veterinary Clinic

Serenity Spa, Hanley Road, Upton.

The documents were not available online to view but it was discussed as Cllr Lamb was aware of the application and it was agreed that it was very unlikely to warrant an objection but the Cllrs would view the documents when they were available and email the Clerk if they did have any objections or comments.

Action: The Clerk to contact the planning officer.

c) Details of Decision Notices Received to-date:

None received

d) Details of Appeal Notices Received to-date:

None received

e) Details of enforcement action:

Nothing to report

92/15 Highway Matters

a) Report & Works for the Lengthsman – Cllr Taverner informed the Council that the Lengthsman was happy and was progressing with the work requests that he had received. The new VAS rota had been issued and circulated and he was happy to move the sign to the designated locations on the rota.

b) Update on reported issues – It had been agreed to invite Cllr Smith to visit Gilberts End in July so that he could see that spraying was a waste of money as it broke up too quickly. It was agreed that it would be worthwhile showing him Picken End as it has been resurfaced to a good standard.

Cllr Adeney said that the Housing Association had finally done their work outside Chapmans Orchard and removed the dead elm and cut back some branches. She said it was now suitable to get someone in to cut or strim the verge. It was agreed to ask the Lengthsman to have a look to see if it is machinable and if so to ask if New Farm Grounds Maintenance would undertake the work.

Action: Clerk to contact Cllr Smith. Cllr Taverner to speak to Pete Saunston.

93/15 District & County Councillors Reports

a) District Cllrs Morgan & Morgan: DCllr Mike Morgan was introduced to the new councillors. He then spoke about the changes at MHDC following the elections and the new roles that people were taking up. He said there was little to report as the Council were settling down post elections and that there was no update on the SWDP.

b) County Cllr Tom Wells: Cllr Wells was not present.

94/15 Report of the:

a) Parish Paths Warden – (Peter Goodyear)- Mr Goodyear’s report was read out. Cllr Roberts said that she had received a complaint about the path to Tuck Mill and that it was blocked by an electric fence. It was agreed to ask Peter to investigate and report back.

Action: Clerk to contact Peter Goodyear and ask about the path to Tuck Mill.

b) Pond Wardens (Neil & Gigi Verlander) – None received

c) Playing Field Warden (Graham Holmes) – Cllr Adeney advised that following the last meeting she had visited the youth shelter and cleaned up the mess that had been left. She reported she had asked the Youth Club to keep an eye out to ensure no further graffiti or damage is done and it was agreed a bin located by the shelter would be a good idea.

Action: The Clerk to source costs for a litter bin to be placed by the Youth Shelter.

d) Local Police – It was reported that someone in Welland was seen taking photos of a house from inside the garden. A similar incident was reported in Callow End and the house behind was subsequently broken into so it was advised to be vigilant. The possibility of contacting parishioners regarding such incidents via a Facebook page from the website was discussed and it was agreed it would be useful in the absence of an active Neighbourhood Watch Group. Cllr Darwent agreed to talk to Dave Morton about the idea.

Action: Cllr Darwent to contact Dave Morton to discuss the possibility of a Facebook link.

95/15 Environmental Matters

a) Report of the Environmental Working Group – It was reported that everything is going well and flowers were starting to emerge. It needed to be left for another month and advice sought on spraying and weed killing. The Orchids project was discussed and a planting licence had been applied for but it was still awaited. It was agreed to try planting the area by the pump house in Hanley Castle and outside St Gabriel’s Church car park and to plant a metre in from the road so that they would not be mowed by Highways.

b) The Big Lunch – 12th July was confirmed as the date for the Big Lunch. The road closure notice had been applied for and the Parish Council insurance would cover the event but certain criteria had to be met. Cllr Adeney was asked to provide the Clerk with a risk assessment that could be sent to the insurance company and also to ensure that the Surfboard Operator had his own PL insurance.

96/15 Neighbourhood Development Plan

Cllr Lamb updated the Council on the latest activities of the NDP team. They were currently drafting policies and had put out tenders for quotations for the work as per the grant specification. So far three responses had been received. Cllr Taverner asked if it was known what progress Welland had made with their plan but Cllr Lamb did not know.

97/15 Correspondence

a) MHDC Planning Services – Quality Tour Nominations. The Parish Council had been asked to provide some examples of planning applications post 2012 that had gone well and ones that had not gone very well. Several suggestions were made including the land behind Jubilee Cottage, Jasmine Close, St Gabriel’s Terrace and the Swan Inn but it was agreed to bring in the post 2012 application list and determine the ones to be put forward at the next meeting.

Action: The Clerk to bring in the list of all received planning applications.

98/15 Topics raised by Councillors, Committees, Clerk & Parishioners –

a) Coverside Wood: possible community asset issue – Right to buy registration. It was agreed that the wood fits the criteria of right to buy but it would be worthwhile contacting the owners of the wood before completing any paper work.

Action: The Clerk to contact Caroline Sutton and ask for the name and address of the owner.

b) Speed Check on Welland Road – Mr Cairns had asked if the police could speed check on Welland Road and it was agreed that this would be a good idea and the Clerk would contact Road Safety Partnership and ask if it would be possible to locate the bike their around school time.

Action: The Clerk to contact Road Safety Partnership, Cllr Adeney to email Mr Cairns and advise him of the Council’s action.

c) Bus Passes/Route to school meeting with council to resolve issue – A follow up meeting to discuss the parking and bus issue with the school was requested. It was agreed that the same attendees as before would be invited and Cllr Bolton and Jeff Robinson and to try to arrange it before the end of the academic year.

Action: The Clerk to contact Ann Davidson to arrange a date.

99/15 Councillors reports and items for future agenda:

a) Autumn Gardens Show: Tickets would need to be requested shortly and the draw arranged.

Action: The Clerk to request tickets and Cllr Roberts-Powell to start organising the draw.

100/15 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting:

16th July 2015

The meeting closed at 09.05 pm

Signed ……………………………… Date: 16th July 2015


Appendix 1: Schedule of Payments & Receipts 18th June 2015

Payment of Accounts:

The under mentioned accounts were approved:

Payments Raised for Approval
Date No. Payee Detail Amount
10th June 1445 Halls Glebe Rent £125.00
18th June 1446 Open Spaces Annual Subscription £ 45.00
18th June 1447 Rebecca Abunassar May Salary £374.08
18th June 1448 New Farm Ground Maintenance May Cuts £697.20
18th June 1449 Peter Sauntson May Lengthsman Duties £52.00
18th June 1450 Milestone Society Donation towards work £90.00
Total £1383.28

Signed ……………………………………… Date: 16th July 2015