Free Tickets to the Royal Three Counties Show (2015)

The Three Counties have, once more, generously donated a number of tickets for the Royal Three Counties Show 2015, to be distributed to residents in the Parish of Hanley Castle.

A draw to select the recipients will take place in mid May.

You may apply to be included in the draw at Hanley Swan Post Office, Hanley Swan Primary School, the Three Kings, Hanley Castle or by email to the Clerk to the Parish Council –

One entry per household. You must live in the Parish to win.


One Comment

  1. Valerie Johnson
    Posted June 4, 2015 at 1:51 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I would be grateful to know whether I could apply for the free tickets for the Show. We live on the junction of Haney Road & Woodfarm Road and when the Big Shows are on, it’s a nightmare even trying to get onto the Hanley Road … let alone trying to actually go anywhere! We also hear a lot of noise during the Shows.
    Why is it that residents of the Hanleys qualify but we, who live so close (0.8 miles) away, apparently do not.
    I’m aware that we are too late for this year, but I would be grateful for yourcomments on this matter.
    Kind regards.

    Val Johnson
    17 Hanley Road

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