Minutes for 16th Oct 2014


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 16th October 2014 starting at 7:00pm in Hanley Swan Village Hall.

Present: Councillors: Sue Roberts (Chairman), Tony Atkinson, John Taverner, Sue Adeney, Bob Lamb, Jackie Bass, Francis Harcombe, Wendy Roberts-Powell

Apologies: Peter Goodyear (PPW), DCllr M Morgan

In Attendance: Mrs Rebecca Abunassar (Clerk), Marjorie Nelson (PPW), David Morton

Welcome: The chairman welcomed all present including Dave Morton who she thanked for all his assistance with the Neighbourhood Plan, with the Parish Council email address and Parish Council section on the Hanley Villages’ website.

136/14 Declarations of Interest

a) Register of Interests: Councillors were reminded of the need to update their register of interests.

b) To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: Cllr Roberts declared an interest as the applicant listed under item 5) d) To consider Applications for Discretionary Rural Rate Relief: Miss S Roberts – The Three Kings on the agenda.

c) To declare any Other Disclosable Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: None were declared.

137/14 To Consider Written Requests from Councillors for the Council to Grant a Dispensation (S33 of the Localism Act 2011): None received.

Minutes: The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 18th September 2014 had been previously circulated and it was noted that the Hanley Hall self catering accommodation application was not recorded in the minutes. It was agreed to amend the minutes to include both the Hanley Hall applications and the minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.

139/14 Matters Arising & Progress Reports not Listed elsewhere on the Agenda

a) Min 69c/14:
Anne Ballinger gift

No additional suggestions were received.

Action: Councillors to continue to source ideas.

b) Min 70d/14: Cycle Route

Cllr Adeney updated the Council on the progress of the cycle route and confirmed she was pleased with the progress being made. She and Cllr Bass had met with Lindsay Kier and Eric from Highways who was going to produce a sketch plan that would show the planned improvement. She advised they were planning a crossing from outside The Old School House to Gilberts End junction. It was hoped that the footpath could be widened to 2.2-2.5 metres and required sections would be raised to try and prevent flooding and also to provide maximum viewing distance with limited blind spots. Highways had also advised they would be improving kerbs to help deter the mud problems that are current at the moment. Cllr Bass was pleased to confirm that Nick Lechmere had already had the hedgerows the Estate is responsible for cut back and therefore the letter being issued to home owners had been slightly amended but would still be distributed.

Cllr Adeney asked if the Lengthsman could side out the path way and trim back the over hanging hedgerow on the cycle path heading towards Upton as it was noted that it was still an issue. A discussion ensued and it was agreed that the Lengthsman would undertake the work as a one off and whilst it was noted that it was not the Parish Council’s responsibility to cut back hedgerows of private land owners it would be done this time to assist with the cycle route project Phase one was anticipated to be undertaken in January or February 2015.

Cllr Adeney went on to speak briefly about phase 2 of the project and also about an article in the local paper regarding a Hanley Swan parent who had been granted a free bus pass to the High School with one of the reasons sighted being the poor state of the footpath to the school. Cllr Adeney was unsure what the impact of this would be but it was hoped that the footpath could be improved as part of the cycle project especially as Cllr Bass highlighted that the Government had issued a statement that they wished to get the nation cycling.

Action: Cllr Adeney to continue assisting Lindsey Kier. Cllr Bass to distribute letters to home owners with a hedgerow along the cycle route. Cllr Taverner to arrange for the Lengthsman to cut overhanging hedgerow along the cycle path and to side out the cycle path where possible.

140/14 Finance:

a) Payment of Accounts: Members approved the payments of accounts as in the presented schedule in Appendix 1.

b) Notification of receipts received: 2nd Instalment of Precept with Council Tax Grant 30th September £9500

c) To receive the 2nd quarterly report – The report had been circulated prior to the meeting and no additional comments were made.

d) To consider Applications for Discretionary Rural Rate Relief: Miss S Roberts – The Three Kings – Cllr Roberts left the room and Cllr Taverner took over as Chair. The Clerk read out the options available to the Council and Cllr Taverner proposed option B which allowed a 25% reduction in rate but with no contribution from the Parish Council as this was the option chosen for previous Parish applicants.

Action: The Clerk to complete the proposal form and return to MHDC.

Cllr Roberts returned to the Chair.

e) Update on Upton Library Funding following meeting held on 13th October – Cllr Roberts updated the Council on a meeting she had attended with the Clerk. She advised that the Charitable Trust status had been reworded and was awaiting sign off and that the earliest that could happen was the 1st December. She explained that Upton Town Council had produced a set of figures with suggestions of contributions to the library through increases in the local Parish Councils’ precepts and that Ripple Parish Council also attended the meeting. The figures produced by Upton were shared with the Council and discussed. It was agreed that the Council were hesitant to raise the money required by increasing the precept.

The main reasons against this being: it was unknown when the money would be required by the Library and the precept can only be set in January; any increase would be shown on all household council tax bills as a percentage point rise; if the precept was increased for the library it would be very difficult to increase the precept for any other future requirements; the percentage increase that the parish councils were being asked to make were significantly higher than the percentage increase for Upton residents; if the money raised via the precept was not required long term then it would be required to be repaid somehow.

The Council agreed that they would consider this matter further at the time when the 2015-2016 budget was set.

Action: The Clerk to contact Jo Adams and update her on the Council’s discussions.

f) To consider request by Marjorie Nelson for a donation towards the upkeep of Parish Rights of Way – email circulated by Cllr Bass prior to meeting. Marjorie was invited to speak to the Council about her request and it was proposed by Cllr Taverner to allocate £500 from the Contingency fund to cover the cost of the request to work on the pathways to bring them back into a good state of repair. The proposal was seconded by Cllr Atkinson and all were in favour.

Action: Marjorie Nelson to arrange for the work to be undertaken and request invoices are made out to the Parish Council.

141/14 Projects related to the Section 106 Funding:

a) Cricket Club: The Cricket Club had started to progress the project.

b) Parish Council: The Clerk had contacted MHDC and asked what was required to be done with the funding not spent due to the renegotiation of the contract (£970). Jo Cross advised that they had not had the issue raised before and that it would be discussed at a meeting on the 31st October. The Clerk asked if they would consider using the money for new seating in the play area or if it could be allocated to the Cricket Club project. The replacement baby swings had been ordered and arrived and it was agreed to investigate the possibility of using the Big Lottery fund to cover the cost.

Action: The Clerk to liaise with Amanda Smith and Jo Cross.

142/14 Planning:

a) To Consider the following applications referred by MHDC for consultation:

14/01182/FUL – Yew Tree Farm, Hanley Swan

Erection of polytunnel

No objections raised.

14/01315/HOU – The Coach House, Hanley Castle WR8 0BJ

Single storey lean-to extension to the rear of the house

No objections raised.

14/01316/LBC – The Coach House, Hanley Castle

Single storey lean-to extension to the rear of the house

No objections raised.

14/01158/FUL & 14/01159/LBC Hanley Hall, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle,

Change of use of existing agricultural buildings into holiday accommodation

This application was discussed at the previous meeting and was supported by the Council. Cllr Atkinson told the Council that whilst the District Council officers appeared to be in favour of the application the Conservation Officer appeared to be against it. He advised that he was going to go to the planning meeting that discussed it to show the Parish Council were in favour of the application.

b) To consider under the Scheme of Delegation any Planning Applications received between the publication of this agenda and the Meeting: None received but Clerk ask to write in support of an application at Tyre Hill Riding Stables as whilst it was outside the parish boundary it was thought the application would be good for the local economy.

Cllr Lamb raised the issue of a possible application by CEMEX in three neighbouring parishes that would create a wharf opposite Quay Lane and have extractions in the land on the opposite side of the river to the parish.

Action: The Clerk to contact Lorna Gower at Ripple and ask to be notified if the application is submitted.

c) Details of Decision Notices Received to-date:

14/00027/HOU Woodbine Cottage, Hanley Swan WR8 0DN

2 storey extension to the rear and single storey extension to side with new porch

APPROVED 24th September

14/01030/LBC The Vineyard Barn, Severn End, Hanley Castle,

Relocation of first floor windows.

APPROVED 24th September

14/01048/LBC – Hanley Hall, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle,

Replacement windows & doors, upgrading of floor construction with insulation to walls and floors. Reworking of ground floor, remove later interventions. Installation of new services. Re-modelling of certain areas

APPROVED 24th September

14/0116/FUL Albion Lodge, Hanley Swan, WR8 0DN – Single and three storey extensions

APPROVED 25th September

14/001114/FUL Waste Incineration Unit, Hangmans Lane, Hanley Castle, WR8 0AJ Proposed conversion of redundant water treatment plant into 2 units of holiday accommodation

APPROVED 16th October

(Action: Clerk to circulate approval notice)

d) Details of Appeal Notices Received to-date: None received

e) Details of enforcement action: Nothing to report

142/14 Highway Matters

a) Report & Works for the Lengthsman:

Cllr Taverner agreed to speak to the lengthsman regarding the work required on the cycle path. The Clerk confirmed that a battery was on order for the VAS at a cost of £80 plus VAT and would be dispatched as soon as it was available.

Cllr Bass advised that the bollard by Cross Hands had been replaced and subsequently vandalized.

Action: The Clerk to advise the HUB of the damaged bollard

b) Update on items reported to WCC: Speed Changes – David Jew’s email. David Jew had written to confirm that the speed changes had now been finalised and that the 40MPH area within the parish was now legally enforceable. It was agreed that Cllr Bass would put an article in the Parish Link notifying parishioners that it is now enforceable.

Action: Cllr Bass to write put a notice in the Parish Link.

c) Other highway matters: – None

143/14 District & County Councillors Reports

a) District Cllrs Morgan & Perry: The Members were not present.

b) County Cllr Tom Wells: Cllr Wells was not present.

144/14 Reports of the:

a) Parish Paths & Tree Warden: The Clerk read out the report received from the Peter Goodyear. (Copy kept on file).

Cllr Atkinson mentioned that two new gates installed by Gilberts End were not self closing and cattle were kept in the fields, Marjorie said she would speak to Tracy to find out why they were not.

Cllr Adeney suggested that a list of all the old kissing gates within the parish be recorded on the Community Asset register.

Action: The Clerk to ask Peter Goodyear for a list of kissing gates and request their inclusion on the Community Asset register.

b) Pond Wardens: No report received

c) Playing Field: No report received

145/14 Environmental Matters

a) Verge project:
The verge had been partially flayed and Cllrs Bass and Adeney had reaped as much as was possible. The section from Cllr Harcombe’s gate to Highball had been cut but would need to be cleared of nettles to plant bulbs but it would not be possible to weed kill at this time. The project had been given wild flower seed by the Three Counties and some had been sown but it was suggested to sow the rest in different areas around the parish, including by the Pump House and outside Chapmans Orchard. The areas would need strimming so quotations for any additional work would be sought.

Action: Cllr Bass to pass the details of the area to the Clerk for quotations.

b) Chapmans Orchard – It was noted the trees had still not been cut back.

Action: The Clerk to pass Lesley Pullen’s contact details to Cllr Adeney

146/14 Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Lamb updated the Council on the NDP and advised it was moving along but the pace had slowed down. The business questionnaire had gone out via email and responses would go straight back into survey monkey.

The residential data was still being collated and they were holding an exhibition of the results on the 1st November in the village hall from 11am – 5pm, with tea and coffee available.

He said they were also still collecting the demographic data but were about a month behind but they were still progressing.

147/14 Correspondence

a) SWDP – Cllr Lamb briefed the Council about the SWDP meeting he had attended on 25th September. The immediate impact on the parish was the removal of Yew Tree Farm from the list of proposed sites but the land behind Chapmans Orchard still remained included but it was now the only site within the parish. He explained that the consultation period had been entered as all three district councils had signed the agreement but the consultation was purely on the modifications only.

b) Milestone Replating – An email from David Beacham of the Milestone Society was read out. It was requesting a donation towards the last two milestones within the parish that had been located. It was thought that the total cost of replating would be £120 and any donation towards the cost would be gratefully received. Cllr Taverner proposed that the full £120 be offered as a donation and this was seconded by Cllr Roberts and approved by all.

Action: The Clerk to notify David Beacham.

148/14 Topics Raised by Councillors, Committees and Parishioners

a) Replacement Baby Swings – Cllr Roberts confirmed they had arrived and would arrange for them to be installed.

b) Benches – Cllr Bass said she had been advised by Chris Yates that a bench at Picken End was in need of repair and restaining. She advised him to purchase the wood stain and the parish would reimburse him.

Action: Cllr Bass to get Chris Yates’ phone number.

c) Superfast Broadband – The latest update had been released by the broadband team and it identified only two out of the three cabinets in Hanley Swan were scheduled to be updated in phase two of the project. They were showing as being surveyed and going live by July 2015. Cllr Lamb had received several emails from parishioners who were serviced by the cabinet on Worcester Road that was not included and who were extremely upset by the decision not to include it. Several had written to John Campion at WCC and to Tom Wells to let them know of their disgust. The main concern was from the Cygnet business park as it was placing them at a disadvantage compared to other businesses in the parish that were serviced by the other two cabinets.

After a discussion it was decided to write to John Campion, Tom Wells and Harriet Baldwin in support of the parishioners that were impacted by the decision not to upgrade all three and request the decision is reconsidered and all three cabinets are upgraded at the same time.

Action: The Clerk to speak with the Broadband team to confirm the roll out schedule and write to John Campion, Tom Wells and Harriet Baldwin

d) Ken Nottage – It was agreed to send an invitation to attend the November Meeting

e) Tree on the Village Green, Hanley Swan – Cllr Bass had received a phone call from a contractor requesting permission to prune the oak tree on the green on behalf of Western Power as the power lines were going through it and they were carrying out work in the area. It was discussed and agreed that pruning would ruin the tree and the Clerk would contact Chris Lewis-Farley and ask about the possibility of having a TPO put on the tree.

Action: The Clerk to contact the contractor and advise not to prune the tree at the moment. Contact CLF regarding a TPO and then contact Western Power to try and find a solution.

149/14 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting: 20th November 2014

The meeting closed at 9.05 pm

Signed ……………………………… Date: 20th November 2014


Appendix 1: Schedule of Payments & Receipts 16th October 2014

Payment of Accounts: The under mentioned accounts were approved:

Payments Raised for Approval


Payee Detail


17th Oct


Mrs Abunassar Sept Clerk Duties


17th Oct


Cartridge World Replacement Printer Cart


17th Oct


HMRC – Q2 PAYE Quarter 2 tax


17th Oct


Rebecca Abunassar Parish Stamps


17th Oct


WDBF Ltd Glebe Account Glebe Rent


18th Oct


New Farm Ground Maintenance Sept Cuts


19th Oct


Simon Lee NDP Sept Survey Monkey




Signed ……………………………………… Date: 20th November 2014