Minutes for 18th Sep 2014


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 18th September 2014 starting at 7:00pm in Hanley Swan Village Hall.

Present: Councillors: Sue Roberts (Chairman) Tony Atkinson John Taverner Sue Adeney Bob Lamb Jackie Bass Francis Harcombe-

Apologies: Peter Goodyear (PPW)

In Attendance: Mrs Rebecca Abunassar (Clerk) Marjorie Nelson (PPW)

Welcome: The chairman welcomed all present.

120/14 Declarations of Interest

a) Register of Interests: Councillors were reminded of the need to update their register of interests.

b) To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: Cllr Harcombe declared an interest as a neighbour to planning application listed under item 7)a) on the agenda: 14/001114/FUL Waste Incineration Unit, Hangmans Lane, Hanley Castle, WR8 0AJ Proposed conversion of redundant water treatment plant into 2 units of holiday accommodation. He also declared an interest in item 7)d) on the agenda APP/J1860/A/14/2219247 – The Orchards, Haylers End, Hanley Castle – Retrospective application to replace stable block and hay store with 2 bed holiday let. (13/01245/FUL)

c) To declare any Other Disclosable Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: None were declared.

121/14 To Consider Written Requests from Councillors for the Council to Grant a Dispensation (S33 of the Localism Act 2011): None received.

122/14 Minutes

The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 17th July 2014 having been previously circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.

123/14 Matters Arising & Progress Reports not Listed elsewhere on the Agenda

a) Min 69c/14: Anne Ballinger gift

No additional suggestions were received.

Action: Councillors to continue to source ideas.

b) Min 70d/14: Cycle Route

Gerry Brienza’s email confirming the first stage of the cycle path would going ahead with proposed date of after Christmas but during this financial year was read out. Cllr Adeney had emailed Lindsay Kier asking for specific details of what was going to be undertaken as she felt there was a need to be proactive about the communication especially with regards to the hedgerow. The problem was that it was not known how much of the hedgerow would be lost. Cllr Adeney suggested an article be placed in the Parish Link reminding parishioners of their duty to maintain their hedgerows. She offered to write the article.

Several Councillors reported the need to clear the existing cycle path to Upton as soon as possible. It was agreed to ask the lengthsman to have a look at clearing the cycle path and also to contact the new lengthsman response team to ask if they could assist.

Cllr Adeney informed the Council that Lindsey K had asked for assistance with the scheme to move cyclists safely from the side of the road to the cycle path. She required recommendations for safe points of crossing. One place discussed was close to Ivy House by Holloway Farm drive as the path down to the bridge and over the bridge was in a good position. However, Cllr Taverner thought it might be a problem in the winter months due to the water that runs down from the Holloway; Cllr Harcombe made the point that it was better to have a safe place to cross for the majority of the year and to put up with the poor conditions during the winter months. Cllr Taverner suggested looking into having bollards put in the road.

It was agreed that Cllr Adeney would feed back the comments and points raised to Lindsey Kier and also raise the question of whether lighting may be required at certain points if bollards were to be installed.

Action: Cllr Adeney to continue assisting Lindsey Kier and raise the issue of drainage at certain points. Cllr Adeney to write an article on hedgerow maintenance for the Parish Link.

124/14 Finance:

a) Payment of Accounts: Members approved the payments of accounts as in the presented schedule in Appendix 1.

b) Notification of receipts received: None prior to 31st August

125/14 Projects related to the Section 106 Funding:

a) Cricket Club: The Cricket Club had started to progress the project and had made contact with Jo Cross at MHDC.

b) Parish Council: Cllr Lamb confirmed that the play area had been signed off and that it had come in under the funding received so it needed to be determined what money needed to be repaid to the contributing parties.

The Chairman advised that replacement swings had been purchased by the Clerk and had been successfully installed.

Action: The Clerk to investigate what funding needed to be returned.

126/14 Planning: a) To Consider the following applications referred by MHDC for consultation:

14/0116/FUL Albion Lodge, Hanley Swan, WR8 0DN – Single and three storey extensions

No objections raised.

14/01114/FUL – Waste Incineration Unit, Hangmans Lane, Hanley Castle, WR8 0AJ Proposed conversion of redundant water treatment plant into 2 units of holiday accommodation – After a lengthy discussion it was agreed to visit the site on Wednesday 24th September with all the supporting documentation before a considered response could be submitted

14/01048/LBC – Hanley Hall, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle, Worcestershire, WR8 0ASReplacement windows & doors, upgrading of floor construction with insulation to walls and floors. Reworking of ground floor, remove later interventions. Installation of new services. Re-modelling of certain areas to create separate bedrooms/bathrooms. Replacement of external drainage and rainwater goods

No objections raised.

14/01030/LBC The Vineyard Barn, Severn End, Hanley Castle, Worcestershire, WR8 0BW Relocation of first floor windows.

No objections raised.

14/00932/OUT Park Farm, Blackmore Park Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, Demolition of redundant agricultural buildings and erection of 2 no. detached dwellings

No objections raised.

14/01158/FUL & 14/01159/LBC Hanley Hall, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle,

Change of use of existing agricultural buildings into holiday accommodation (including the demolition of some modern buildings and the construction of a new pool house and managers accommodation) and associated parking

The documents on the planning website were viewed and carefully considered. It was agreed that the proposed development of the buildings and the required change of use should be supported as it would bring visitors to the area once completed.

b) To consider under the Scheme of Delegation any Planning Applications received between the publication of this agenda and the Meeting: None received

Details of Decision Notices Received to-date:
14/00676/HOU 1, Villa Cottages, Gilberts End, Oak framed garden room

APPROVED 22nd August

14/00706/HOU – Beech House, Roberts End – Extension to form porch canopy

APPROVED 16th August

14/00718/FUL – Brickwalls Barn, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle – Erection of two holiday chalets (reconsultation)

APPROVED 6th August

Details of Appeal Notices Received to-date:

APP/J1860/A/14/2219247 – Appeal Dismissed. The Orchards, Haylers End, Hanley Castle – Retrospective application to replace stable block and hay store with 2 bed holiday let. (13/01245/FUL)

The reasons for the dismissal were read out.

e) Details of enforcement action: Nothing to report

127/14 Highway Matters

a) Report & Works for the Lengthsman:
Cllr Taverner updated the Council on the Lengthsman’s activities over the previous few month. Westecote had provided a new battery and the VAS appeared to be working very well so it was agreed to purchase a 2nd battery so that the sign could continue to be used whilst the battery was being charged. It was agreed that now the sign was operable that it should start back on the rota that Gerry Brienza had created. It was also noted that if the Lengthsman was responsible to moving it to other parishes that the cost needed to be crossed charged back to them so as not to come out of the lengthsman’s fund for Hanley Castle.

The cycle path to Upton was still plagued with over hanging branches and hedgerow. David Hunter had confirmed that the Lengthsman was permitted to work on the cycle path but said that the hedges did not belong to Highways and the owners’ permission was required. Cllr Roberts & Cllr Lamb offered to speak to the respective owners and get their permission to trim back the hedgerows and branches.

Action: The Cllrs to confirm land owners in agreement and the Clerk to speak to Gerry Brienza regarding the possibility of using his team.

b) Update on items reported to WCC: Worcester Road had been resurfaced and no issues had been raised.

c) Other highway matters: – None

128/14 District & County Councillors Reports

a) District Cllrs Morgan & Perry: The Members were not present.

b) County Cllr Tom Wells: Cllr Wells was not present.

129/14 Reports of the:

a) Parish Paths & Tree Warden: The Clerk read out the report received from the Peter Goodyear. (Copy kept on file). It was agreed that dog stickers were not appropriate for the pathways and the situation would be monitored.

The Chairman welcomed Marjorie Nelson (back) as joint Parish Path Warden and Marjorie gave a brief update on the paths.

b) Pond Wardens: No report received

c) Playing Field: No report received

130/14 Environmental Matters

a) Verge project: The verge needed cutting back and weed killing. It was agreed to ask Colin to flay the area and to purchase more bulbs as there was still money set aside for the project.

b) Chapmans Orchard – The Clerk to email Lesley Pullen as the work on the trees had still not been done.

131/14 Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Lamb updated the Council on the latest activities. He was disappointed that it appeared the grant funding had dried up but there was still a possibility some might be available next year when the parish might be in a position to request funding.

Cllr Lamb said that it was very productive having the stall at the Big Lunch but overall he thought that the level of returns was low; 50% in Hanley Castle, 35% in Hanley Swan with 38% overall. Returns were mainly from the older age group with few responses from younger families and middle age group. Analysis of the answers was the next step. Cllr Lamb said he was concerned that they were slipping behind plan and was trying to get the business questionnaire out that week. Cllr Bass asked what the headline comments were, parking and traffic specifically noise and speed were the dominating comments.

132/14 Correspondence

a) New Bus Route – Cllr Adeney advised that the bus route had changed as had some of the times and it was causing parishioners a few problems. She offered to speak to the school and parishioners and report back at the next meeting

Action: Cllr Adeney to report back at the next meeting

b) Drainage Issue at Bowling Green – The school were looking into the matter

c) Invitation to Parish Conference 29th October

d) SWDP Event on 25th September at MHDC

Action: The Clerk to forward the invitations to the Councillors.

133/14 Topics Raised by Councillors, Committees and Parishioners

a) Damaged Baby Swings – Cllr Roberts had been to look at the reported damage and removed the swing to make it safe. It was agreed the best course of action was to buy to 2 new baby swings and four protective bands for the chains.

Action: The Clerk to purchase the replacement parts.

b) Truckfest – It was reported that following Truckfest at The Three Counties Showground there was horrendous tail backs from the motor way all the way to Hanley Swan due to the large vehicles all leaving at the same time. Cllr Taverner was asked to raise this problem with Ken Nottage at their next meeting.

Action: Cllr Taverner to speak to Ken Nottage to see if depatures can be staggered.

c) War Memorial – Cllr Roberts was pleased to report that the War Memorial was finally being repaired.

Action: The Clerk to write to Steve Allard to thank him for his work.

d) Library – Cllr Roberts updated the Council on the latest news from the Library project. They still do not have a constitution for the trust as it needs re-wording and she asked the Parish Council to approve the new wording. It was agreed by all to approve it.

134/14 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting: 16th October 2014

The meeting closed at 9.15 pm

Signed ……………………………… Date: 16th October 2014


Appendix 1: Schedule of Payments & Receipts 18th September 2014

Payment of Accounts: The under mentioned accounts were approved:



Adrian Hope Tree Surgeon Beech Tree removal




Zurich Insurance Annual Insurance




Peter Saunston July Lengthsman




Information Commissioners Office Renewal




New Farm Ground Maintenance July & August Cuts + Willow tree




Mrs Abunassar August Pay




Fenland Leisure Products Ltd Replacement Swings




Grant Thornton Annual Audit fee




Hags-SMP Ltd Playarea




Simon Lee NDP Survey Monkey




Signed ……………………………………… Date: 16th October 2014