A Thank You

Neighbourhood Planning Questionnaire

Just before the end of July the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Committee distributed a questionnaire to every household in the Parish with a requested return date of 9th August. We distributed approximately 590 questionnaires and received 224 completed documents, although it took sometime after our requested date to achieve that total.

We had hoped for a return rate around 50% but in reality obtained 38%, slightly disappointing but sufficient to give us a reasonable cross section of views from the residents of the Parish.

In undertaking this exercise, members of the Steering Group, the Parish Council and many volunteers gave freely of their time to help the community through:

  • Designing the questionnaire
  • Distributing blank questionnaires
  • Collecting completed documents
  • Inputting the data, including your many comments, to the computer system.

I want to thank all of these helpers for their considerable efforts without which this exercise would not be progressing.

Also, a big thank you to all those householders that completed and returned their questionnaires. Your views will be taken into account as we develop relevant housing and infrastructure policies to help shape the future Hanley Castle Parish.

We intend to communicate the results of the questionnaire analysis to the community later in the Autumn.

In the last weeks of September we distributed by email a separate questionnaire designed for businesses to respond to. My thanks must also go to those companies and individual managers, directors and owners who have taken the time to respond.

Parish Councillor

Robert Lamb

Chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group