Women’s Fellowship (2014-15)



Subject / Speaker


Wed 24th September Amaudo At the home of Mrs Fay Pilter
2.30pm Ann Bisson
Wed 29th October The Worcestershire Regiment At the home of Mrs Jeanne Kitching
2.30pm Richard Shaw
Wed 26th November RSPB At the home of Mrs Myrtle Gilbert
2.30pm Garth Lowe
December This Christmas the party is in January
2015 A Happy and Healthy New Year to You All
Wed 7th January Christmas Party At the home of Mrs Pam Morton
Wed 25th February What Is a Baptist? At the home of Mrs Marie Toman
2.30pm Paul McCabe
Wed 25th March Lenten Reflection At the home of Mrs Valerie Thomas
2.30pm Someone from the Ministry Team
Wed 29th April Rome At the home of Rev Linda Bedford
2.30pm Linda Bedford & Sue Richardson
Wed 27th May Lunch To be arranged
12.30pm for 1:00pm
Wed 24th June Annual General Meeting & At the home of Mrs Elspeth Longmore
2.30pm Bring and Buy
Wed 29th July Summer Garden Party At the home of Mrs Connie Perry)
4.00pm to 6.00pm
August No meeting

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