Questionnaire Confidentiality

Some parishioners have raised legitimate questions with us about the confidentiality of information input into our Neighbourhood Planning questionnaire. I hope the steps we are taking will re-assure you all of our good intentions and our promise not to misuse the information you provide.

  1. The Neighbourhood Planning Steering Committee was formed by the Parish Council and is Councillor led. We come under the Data Protection Registration held by the Parish Council.
  2. We have checked with the Information Commissioners Office that our approach is acceptable.
  3. Many of you have kindly provided name and address details. These will not be input to our computer system.
  4. Questionnaires were serially numbered to help us with delivery and collection. The serial numbers will not be input to the computer system unless we have to cross reference back to the paper version. (A minority of cases with long comments).
  5. All those involved with collecting questionnaires or inputting questionnaire data to the computer system will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  6. Name and address details are being removed from questionnaires before they are handed over for input.

If you still have concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Councillor Robert Lamb

01684 592523