Village Society Programme (2014-2015)

Open day:

Saturday 27th July 2014

A chance to examine some of the Roman finds made during the dig of 2012 and a look at some of the lives of local people who lived and died during WWI..  Village Hall, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Admission Free.


Friday 26th September 2014

AGM & talk by Naturalist Roger Umpleby – A Nature Lover’s View of Bredon Hill.  Village Hall, 7.30 pm.

Friday 28th November 2014

Ray Aspden talks about and illustrates A Hundred Years of British Comic Papers.  Village Hall, 7.30 pm.

Friday 23rd January 2015

An entertaining talk by Howard Robinson about Oliver Cromwell and the Battle of Worcester, 1651.  Village Hall, 7.30 pm.

Friday 27th March 2015

Four re-enactors led by Paul Stanley talk about and demonstrate The Life of the Common Soldier at the Time of the Civil War.  Village Hall, 7.30 pm.

Refreshments will be served after the talks.

Members free. Visitors £2.50.

Please see our home page for more information about the The Hanleys’ Village Society.

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