Neighbourhood Planning Update (July 2014)

Your Questionnaire is on its way

After several months of work involving members of the community and the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group we now have our questionnaire ready for circulation.

I wish to thank wholeheartedly all those people who have contributed their thinking and expertise.

The core of the questionnaire focuses on the issues arising from neighbourhood planning, but we are also taking the opportunity to gather some other information that will be useful for the Parish Council. The subject areas within the questionnaire are:

  • Parish Life
  • Building Development
  • Housing
  • Transport and Roads
  • Cycle Tracks and Paths
  • Recreation
  • General Issues
  • The Environment and Conservation
  • Tourism Development

The questionnaire will be distributed in the week beginning 7th July. It should be returned by Saturday 9th August. So there is plenty of time for you to fill it in!!! An example of the questionnaire is shown on this site, but this is for reference purposes only. You cannot complete the questionnaire on line or download it.

We will either collect the completed questionnaire from you or you can drop it in to the Hanley Swan Village Store.

We believe the questionnaire is simple to complete, but if you need help we have provided a telephone number and email address for you to raise queries. Someone will get back to you.

Your answers will be confidential and any contact information you supply WILL NOT be passed on to other people or businesses. The Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group is responsible to the Parish Council which is registered under the Data Protection Act.

Your views will be at the heart of our Neighbourhood Plan. This is an opportunity to have your say so please take the time to let us have your thoughts and opinions.

The Steering Group comprises:

  • Councillor Robert Lamb – Chairman
  • Councillor Sue Adeney
  • Councillor Tony Atkinson
  • Malcolm Fare
  • Simon Lee

We welcome your views and look forward to receiving your completed questionnaires.

Robert Lamb, Steering Group Chairman

A draft of the questionnaire can be viewed here – this draft is not to be completed or downloaded