Minutes for 20th Feb 2014


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 20th February 2014 starting at 7:00pm in Hanley Swan Village Hall.

Present:     Councillors:    Sue Roberts (Chairman) Tony Atkinson John Taverner Jackie Bass Robert Lamb Wendy Roberts-Powell

Apologies: Cllr Sue Adeney

In Attendance:     DCllr Morgan CCllr Tom Wells Rebecca Abunassar (Clerk) 2 Parishioners

19/14 Welcome: The chairman welcomed the parishioners present.

20/14     Declarations of Interest

a) Register of Interests: Councillors were reminded of the need to update their register of interests.

b) To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: None Declared

c) To declare any Other Disclosable Interests in items on the agenda and their nature: None Declared

    d) To Consider Written Requests from Councillors for the Council to Grant a Dispensation (S33 of the Localism Act 2011): None received.

The meeting was closed to allow parishioners present to speak on any matters relating to the Parish.

    Mr & Mrs Sewell raised their concerns regarding the process of the planning application. They had sent an email to the Parish Council following the meeting to which the Clerk had responded and they confirmed they were happy with the response but would like to make a few additional comments. Firstly, at the open section the Council invited Mr Meredith to speak and asked Mr Grenville to speak and thanked them. They thought it would then be there turn but everything then seemed to turn into a bit of a pantomime and the other parishioners over ruled the Sewells and they felt they were unable to make their points regarding windows etc and felt that emotions were allowed to dominate the meeting and felt frustrated that people weren’t allowing them to make their point that they in fact could see into their neighbour’s windows as present. Mrs Sewell showed the Council the maps to highlight the point.

    The application had been approved but they were very unhappy with the whole process and in future suggested that maybe a site visit would be of benefit. The second comment they wished to make was that the planners have set guidelines which need to be adhered to and it would be worthwhile if the Council were familiar with them. They explained that the last planning officer requested that the other house should be moved forward and this has will be done; a metre had therefore been lost from the garage. They thanked the Council for their time.

    Cllr Roberts explained how the Parish Council have to listen to all parishioners and she apologised if they felt that the meeting had not been controlled enough but unfortunately she agreed that emotions regarding the application were running high. It was unfortunate that they had had to deal with three different planning officers which is very unusual. She confirmed that all planning applications and decisions made were discussed by the Parish Council later in the agenda under the planning section and at that point parishioners are not permitted to contribute. Cllr Roberts wished them well with their build.

21/14    Minutes

The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 16th January 2014

having been previously circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record

22/14    Matters Arising & Progress Reports not Listed elsewhere on the Agenda

    a) Min 69c/13:    Anne Ballinger gift

    No additional suggestions were received.

Action: Councillors to continue to source ideas.

    b) Min 70d/13:     Cycle Route

    Cllr Adeney had received an email regarding Sustrans involvement in the cycle track which would be circulated to the other Councillors. Cllr Lamb asked whether alternative sources of funding should be looked into and Cllr Bass explained about Sustran and agreed that if it failed then other sources would be looked into. It was anticipated that £30,000 would be required but that was only an estimate.

Action: Cllr Adeney to continue to request action by the County Council.

    Min 07/14c: Upton LibraryCllr Bass asked if a library warden needed to be appointed. Cllr Roberts explained that it had been suggested that each contributing parish would have a representative on the committee. DCllr Morgan said what a fantastic response there was at the meeting. It was the best turn out of all the meetings and people were prepared to be trustees. However, people needed to wait to see what the trustees wanted to do before a representative should be put forwarded from the ‘fundees’. It was agreed that as a contributor the Council need to make sure parishioners are using the service and then decide whether they should continue to support the library. Cllr Harcombe raised concerns over the future running of the Library and DCllr Morgan shared that similar concerns have been raised and he clarified that there would always be one trained librarian but he thought it is the part time librarian that would not be there. He also confirmed that they would be responsible for providing the building via the charity group and therefore it is up to them to make it work.

23/14     Finance:

    a) Payment of Accounts: Members approved the payments of accounts as in the presented schedule in Appendix 1.

b) Notification of receipts received: None received.

c) Funding for Upton Town Library –

It was agreed that it had been the right decision to revert the decision to put up the precept by an additional £2,700. DCllr Morgan made the point that no one had been told when the money would be required and therefore it might be July to April and a 9 month period rather than a 12 month year. Cllr Taverner said the Council needed to wait until they were asked for funds and the Council should wait and see where the money would be collected from; reserves, precept or trim back costs. The Council support the idea in principle but at the moment they need to wait.

    Action: The Clerk to wait for contact from Upton Town regarding funding     of the Library

24/14 Projects related to the Section 106 Funding:

a) Cricket Club: No update available but Cllr Roberts will continue to be kept in the loop and encourage them to get moving on the application.

    b) Parish Council: Quotations & Funding – Cllr Lamb announced the success with the Lottery fund and that the paperwork would be returned the following day. He explained that the 2nd element was section 106 and it went in to MHDC on the 19th February. In a month he intended to start talking to the preferred supplier, who has stayed in contact.

    Action: The Clerk, Cllr Lamb and Cllr Roberts-Powell to work with MHDC to secure the 106 monies.

25/14    Planning: a) To consider planning applications referred by MHDC for comment:

14/00096/AGR    Erection of agricultural building for storage of plant and machinery

                    Birley Farm, Brotheridge Green, Hanley Castle

    Council advised that no comments required due to the nature of the application.

13/01045/FUL     Erection of 2 no. dwellings and associated private drive

                    Land rear of New House/Montrose Cottage, WR8 0DA

Approved 19th February 2014

    b) To consider under the Scheme of Delegation any Planning Applications received

between the publication of this agenda and the Meeting

New 6th Form Block – Cllr Roberts advised the Council of a possible application for a new 6th form at the High School, block plans were then circulated. She explained that the Trustees had persuaded the School to move further into the site away from the playing field and closer to the sports hall. It is the intention that The Aspire section would go into the old 6th form area. After considering the plans and noting that it was building on the bund, a suggestion was made that a small hedge be planted along the road. It was then asked if this would be the last of the building work, Cllr Robert replied that in the future there may an application for two more classrooms, and that this was just a ‘heads up’ so that if the funding did become available the school would have the plans ready to submit. It was also clarified that the Foundation Trust owns the buildings and land.

  1. Details of Decision Notices Received to-date:

13/01385/FUL    Change of use of annexe into a self catering holiday let

            Orchard Side, Worcester Road, Hanley Swan, WR8 0EA

            APPROVED 22nd January 2014

13/00320/FUL    Change of use and conversion of existing building to holiday let             unit

            Merebrook Farm, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire, WR8 0DX                        APPROVED 22nd January 2014

  1. Details of Appeal Notices Received to-date:

APP/J1860/A/14/2211815 – 13/00995/HOU Hanley Hall, Gilberts End,

    Construction of a single storey extension and associated landscape works.

        Internal and external repairs and alterations.

The Council had supported this application and wished to ensure their support was forwarded to the planning inspectorate.

e) Possible Enforcement Actions Required:

     Gilberts End – No update

26/14    Highway Matters

Report & Works for the Lengthsman: – Cllr Lamb asked if Quay Lane could be tidied up by the Lengthsman and it was agreed to ask Mr Saunston to add it to his work. The Clerk had arranged for the VAS to be ready for collection and sending to the courier.

Taverner had received complaints about the state of the path from 1 Roberts End to the Holloway. One parishioner had fallen into a pot hole and hurt themselves, another complaint was from a parent whose child uses the footway, It was agreed it would be worth asking the injured party to contact the WCC as well to reinforce the case for repair.

The sites for the VAS machine, which will be shared with Upton, was discussed and it was agreed to request the 6 sites already used on Gerry Brienza’s rota.

Action: The Clerk to collect the VAS from Cllr Roberts and to inform Upton of the sites that they require the VAS machine to be sited.

b) Reported Highways Issues:

    The Clerk had written to the owner of Home Farm regarding the potholes outside the British Legion club and raised the problem of the eroding sign to the Hub again. Two large potholes have appeared on Gilberts End and it was requested that they be reported.

The Clerk to pursue Land Registry and to write to the hub regarding potholes and await response from the owners of Home Farm.

27/14     District & County Councillors Reports

a) District Cllrs Morgan & Perry: DCllr Morgan advised that MHDC were offering money to flood victims and suggested that anyone flooded should get in contact. He explained that the Council Tax goes in front of council next week (an 1.98% rise) but there could be a potential black hole in 2 or 3 years time as they have managed to keep costs so low. He thought there must be more money appearing in Simon Smith’s Economic Development fund so if there was anything on an economic footing it would be worthwhile contacting him. Cllr Roberts asked what was the latest with the SWDP and whether planning was moving away from MHDC. He said he would forward on the information as soon as he knew. They were being bombarded by the press at the moment for being too lenient but the Government are saying that they were not lenient enough. However, it was not just MHDC but other DC’s who were also facing the same possibility of Central Government stepping in. Cllr Roberts asked if they would hear about the new numbers and DCllr Morgan said there was a SWDP meeting on 11th March to hear the new numbers for housing, and the reaction would determine whether Central Government takes over.

Cllr Lamb asked about flood relief activity and explained that there appeared to be little communication or joined-up handling for the relevant MHDC departments and other agencies involved. They appeared to be offering help but didn’t know what it was they were actually offering. He also asked what had been so special about this flood and why was funding being made available. In answer it was due to David Cameron’s visit, and explained that the one thing DC mentioned was that insurers won’t pay to put flood prevention measures into the households as it is betterment. David Cameron’s £5000 is for preventative measures.

b) County Cllr Tom Wells – CCllr Wells thanked the parish for their support for the bus meeting and said that when the contract ends in September £1.1m would be put into the fund and the route would be supported to a degree and there would be no change until September so they would need to ensure the new times are workable. He said that everyone who attended did really well and there were some amazing stories.

CCllr Wells went on to talk about complaints he had received. He continues to get complaints from Roberts End residents about the state of the footpath. He told the Council he has a budget for footways and as numerous complaints had been received he had asked Highways to price up what could be done with £17000, and wanted to ensure the most important areas were repaired. He said he would email the Clerk with the information to distribute for comments to ensure the correct locations are being undertaken. He reiterated he would like feedback as to whether the suggestions are right or wrong.

The Clerk to receive and circulate the Roberts End information     from Cllr Wells and collate responses.

28/14 Reports of the:

    a) Parish Paths Warden: Peter Goodyear sent his apologies and the report he sent was read out. Colin Rowley had submitted his final report as the PPW which was read out by the Clerk. It was agreed what a great job Colin had done and that a letter of thanks should be sent.

    b) Pond Wardens: None received.

c) Playing Field: None received.

29/14    Environmental Matters

    Verge Project – Cllr Bass would meet Ken Nottage on the 9th March to discuss     verge cutting. Cllr Taverner asked if the bulbs were coming up and Cllr Bass said     she would check.

Oak Tree – The work had not yet been undertaken

Grass Cutting – It was agreed to put the grass cutting contract out to tender and Cllr Taverner would send the details of a third contractor.

The Clerk to send the list of locations to New Farm and the Cotswold Gardener, and Cllr Taverner to send details of a third contractor

30/14 Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) – Cllr Atkinson provided an update following the meetings on 11th & 18th
February. The
11th Feb was to try and start to get things moving, and to identify the area within the plan and it was agreed to go with the parish boundary. Welland have just sent their area out to consultation. He said the date of 10th March at 7pm had been agreed for first open meeting, and letters and flyers and posters would be distributed to the community. Cllr Lamb had started to produce a Project Initiation Document (PID) which was slowly coming together. The Council was using other areas NDPs and communication strategies to get an idea of what is required to be produced. Cllr Bass is looking at drafting the communication strategy and talked about producing questionnaires via ‘survey monkey’. It was agreed that it would be better to let everyone know by hand delivering and also to try and encourage everyone to attend on the 10th.

The meeting on the 18th was about lessons learnt from the Parish Plan and Margaret Norris and Jenny McGowran attended to discuss the problems with the parish plan and how they could be avoided. It was very much about listening and asking questions and Cllr Atkinson would produce brief notes from the meeting and email out to everyone.

It was agreed the next step was to get ready for 10th March. The open meetings in parish plan process had information boards and notes that people could put up. It was decided to try to keep everything low key but try to get the village behind it. Cllr Bass confirmed a notice had gone into the Parish Link. The Clerk was asked to design a poster that could be put up on noticeboards detailing the time of the meeting etc. It was suggested to invite David Clarke to attend the meeting.

    The next meet was set for Tuesday 4th March and the Clerk and Cllr Taverner gave their apologies.

30/14    Correspondence

a) Email from Mr & Mrs Sewell – Regarding planning application 13/1045/FUL circulated prior to meeting. No further action was required.

b)The Ketch roundabout enhancement scheme– A long discussion entailed and it was agreed that it was not before time but there were some reservations on what it would actually achieve. CCllr Wells said it was the capacity of the 3 roundabouts that was the issue and it will be the start of an improvement process so can’t really be looked at it in isolation. It was agreed that no comments were required to be submitted.

Draft Local List Supplementary Planning Document – It was discussed and agreed to refer to Cllr Adeney’s email and mention Hanley Hall and Severn End.

The Clerk to respond.

d) Email from Marie Dunnion – The email was discussed and Cllr Bass commented that new feeders had been located in a position that was hoped would reduce the encouragement for the ducks to cross the road. The Café Market’s offer to buy new signs was no longer available as they were donating money to the Library. It was agreed to see if the new feeders helped before approaching Highways for a New Sign on Worcester Rd.

e) Email from Janet Brant– Free Fire Safety Session – the poster has been circulated.

31/14 Local Police Officer’s Crime report for January – Read out by the Clerk.

32/14 Topics raised by Councillors, Committees, Clerk & Parishioners

  1. Email to Cllr Bass from Jim Hill, VHMC – Concern was raised over the broken paving slabs by play area and a problem with parking on grass area in the car park. It was agreed to ask Malcolm Waggett to fix the badly broken paving slab but advised the rest would be repaired when the play ground project was completed. Cllr Atkinson said he was not sure who owned the land referred to in the parking issue but would look it to see but he did not think it was the parish council’s responsibility

     Action: Cllr Roberts to arrange for broken slab to be replaced and Cllr          Atkinson to look to land ownership by the fencing.

  1. Lettering on the Notice boards – Cllr Lamb brought it to the attention of the Council that the lettering on the notice boards has peeled off. He also asked if there was a policy with regard to who could put information and adverts onto the board. There was no set policy but it tended to be local adverts or notices remained up.

     Action: Cllr Roberts to arrange for lettering to be replaced broken.

33/14    Date of Next Scheduled Meeting:    20th March 2014

The meeting closed at 10.15 pm

Signed ……………………………… Date: 20th March 2014


Appendix 1:    Schedule of Receipts & Payments 16th January 2014

Payment of Accounts: The under mentioned accounts were approved:


Date Payee Description


20/02 Mrs Abunassar Stamps & Stationary


20/02 Internet Technology Systems Ltd 1 year web hosting


20/02 Miss S Roberts Chairman’s Allowance


20/02 Peter Saunston January Lengthsman Duties


20/02 Mrs Abunassar Jan & Feb Pay




Signed ……………………………………… Date: 20th March 2014