Minutes for 16th Jan 2014


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 16th January 2014 starting at 7:00pm in Hanley Swan Village Hall.


Councillors: Sue Roberts (Chairman) Sue Adeney Tony Atkinson John Taverner Jackie Bass Robert Lamb Wendy Roberts-Powell


Cllr Francis Harcombe

In Attendance:

Rebecca Abunassar (Clerk) PPW Colin Rowley Peter Goodyear Ken Nottage (Three Counties) Jo Adams & Cllr Mike Ostick (Upton Town Council) 12 Parishioners

01/14 Welcome:

The chairman welcomed the parishioners present and Ken Nottage from the Three Counties Showground, Jo Adams & Mike Ostick from Upton Town Council and

02/14 Declarations of Interest

a) Register of Interests:

Councillors were reminded of the need to update their register of interests.

b) To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in items on the agenda and their nature:

None Declared

c) To declare any Other Disclosable Interests in items on the agenda and their nature:

None Declared

d) To Consider Written Requests from Councillors for the Council to Grant a Dispensation (S33 of the Localism Act 2011):

None received.

03/14 Ken Nottage, Chief Executive from Three Counties Showground

Mr Nottage addressed the meeting and gave an overview of the last year at the showground. During his time in the role of Chief Executive the 3 main shows had been held, the Spring Garden, Three Counties and Autumn Show. The Spring Garden had declined over the last few years and it had been decided to revamp it for 2014 and include a food element. The Three Counties Show had been granted royal status with Princess Anne the patron of the show, profits had increased by 3% on 2012. He explained that the Fireworks event would not be run again as it had made a loss for the last 3 years.

Profits made by the society go back into the society and have been used to build new roads and also to create a bore hole. Money had also been put into Langdale Wood to help maintain the ancient oak trees.

Mr Nottage talked about the complaints that had received following the various functions. The highest number of complaints came during Truckfest and related to the horns being sounded after 8pm.

Cllr Lamb asked about traffic management issues that faced the showground and what approach they adopted to minimise problems. Mr Nottage explained that the AA managed the signage and traffic flow around the surrounding area. He said the staff try to be proactive about the parking and try to open up additional booths as soon as possible. Cllr Lamb said the issue lay with people exiting the site most specifically at the A38 junction. It was clarified that the Parish Council had worked very closely with the Three Counties Showground over the years to try and minimise the impact of traffic on the two villages. It was asked if a ‘Park & Ride’ facility was an alternative – this had been looked into but the problem was sourcing car parks that were not too far from the showground.

Cllr Bass asked if it would be possible to provide discounted tickets to parishioners to compensate for the traffic problems. Mr Nottage welcomed this idea but asked that Cllr Bass work with him to determine who should be included. He also said he was very keen to develop a cycle track to the showground and would welcome comments from the Council. Cllr Adeney also asked if there would be a possibility of replicating the parish’s verge project on the verges close to the showground. He asked if the Council would forward him details of the verge project and he would investigate whether something could be undertaken.

Action: Cllr Bass to email Mr Nottage with regard to the verge and cycle track projects and discount proposal.

04/14 Jo Adams & Mike Ostick, Upton Town Council:

Cllr Ostick from Upton Town Council addressed the meeting regarding the reduction in funding for Upton Library from the County Council and the proposal they were putting forward to try to prevent the library from closing. A detailed email had been circulated prior to the meeting but in summary Upton were asking a few of the surrounding parishes to increase their precept by approximately £5 per household to raise the funds required to keep the library open. Jo Adams, Clerk to the Town Council, ran through the amount of additional funding they required and the possible sources of reduction in running costs. She explained that they were due to meet with the County Council the next day to discuss the proposal and ask the County Council to agree to hold the level of funding for three years and not reduce any further during that time. The parishioners present were asked if they were in favour of supporting the proposal and paying an extra £5 a year through the precept and it everyone voted in favour. The Chairman thanked Jo and Mike for their time and agreed to discuss the proposal under finance item 7 on the agenda.

The meeting was closed to allow parishioners present to speak on any matters relating to the Parish.

The Parishioners present asked to discuss the planning application – 13/01045/FUL for the erection of 2 no. dwellings on the land to the rear of New House/Montrose Cottage, Welland Road, WR8 0DA.

Mr Meredith addressed the parish council detailing his concerns regarding the application and the detrimental impact the current planned layout would have on his home. A copy of his speech was distributed to the Councillors and a copy was put on file. Mr & Mrs Sewell, the owners of New House gave their reasoning for the location and the alterations that had been submitted. They asked for clarification of the Parish Council’s role in the planning process, the Chairman responded by explaining that Parish Council’s role was a consultative one and that they were asked to respond on all planning applications within the parish. A lengthy discussion on the planning application ensued involving both Councillors and Parishioners. It concluded with the Councillors agreeing to recommend that house 1 be located as close to the rear perimeter of the site as possible to reduce the amount of light reduction on properties in Jasmine Close and house 2 be moved to a more central location within plot 2, moving it further away from the boundary with properties within Hanley Orchard. All previously submitted comments regarding the application would remain.

The proposal of a site visit by the parish council was also discussed and guidance from the planning officer would be sought.

Action: The Clerk to contact MHDC Planning Officer and submit recommendations

05/14 Minutes

The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 21st November 2013 having been previously circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record

06/14 Matters Arising & Progress Reports not Listed elsewhere on the Agenda

a) Min 69c/13: Anne Ballinger gift

No additional suggestions were received. Cllr Taverner reiterated the point that the Parish Council were looking for capital expenditure suggestions and not revenue.

Action: Councillors to continue to source ideas.

b) Min 70d/13: Cycle Route

Cllr Adeney provided a report that was circulated prior to the meeting. It detailed the frustration felt that the project had not moved further forward.

Action: Cllr Adeney to continue to request action by the County Council.

c) Min 138c/13: New Laptop

A new laptop had been purchased and the clerk was in the process of transferring files across and setting up the required programmes.

07/14 Finance:

a) Payment of Accounts:

Members approved the payments of accounts as in the presented schedule in Appendix 1.

b) Notification of receipts received:

None received.

c) Precept requirements for 2014-2015:

Cllr Taverner talked through the circulated budget (a copy placed on file). The proposed budget put forward a precept request of £19,000 which combined with additional income and anticipated expenditure would equate to a decrease in funds of £2,275 over the year. £19,000 would show a percentage increase of less than 2% on the council tax bill to parishioners. The request to raise an additional £2700 (£5 per household) for Upton Library through the precept as proposed by Upton Town Council was discussed. Cllr Taverner explained that a precept of £21,700 would show a percentage increase in excess of 20% on Council Tax bills even though it was only a £5 increase per year for the household. The request was discussed and concerns were raised that the County Council would cut back their financial support in the future and that it would all have been in vain. Jo Adams felt sure WCC would agree to 3 years of funding but if it were to change then the precept could be decreased the following year. The Chairman asked that the Councillors present vote on the precept. It was agreed to vote on requesting a precept of £19,000 plus an additional £2,700 subject to a written agreement from WCC of their commitment of financial support to the Library for another 3 years. 6 Councillors were in favour, Cllr Taverner requested it to be minueted that the Council were asking MHDC for a precept of £19,000 plus £2,700 to donate to the library subject to written confirmation from WCC. If written agreement from WCC was not provided the precept request would be £19,000.

Action: The Clerk to liaise with Upton after their meeting with WCC to acquire the written agreement. The Clerk to submit the precept request to MHDC by 31st January

08/14 Projects related to the Section 106 Funding:

a) Cricket Club:

No update available but it was understood that the lease negotiation with the diocese was progressing.

b) Parish Council:

Cllr Lamb had submitted an application form for a grant from the Big Lottery award for £9000 and was going to investigate funding through Landfill (Severn Waste) as suggested by Rob Rich. He informed the council a meeting was going to be arranged with Jo Cross from MHDC to start the 106 application process within the next fortnight.

Action: The Clerk, Cllr Lamb and Cllr Roberts-Powell to arrange meeting with Jo Cross to start the 106 application process. All to continue to look for additional funding sources

c) Youth:

The outstanding monies had been paid to Close Brothers Invoice Financing and the project was officially complete. A report to MHDC was required to be submitted to MHDC. It was agreed to wait for the playground project to be completed and have one MHDC plaque for the two projects instead of a plaque each.

Action: The Clerk to write a report to MHDC to close the project.

09/14 Planning:

a) To consider planning applications referred by MHDC for comment:

13/01045/FUL Building of 2 New Dwellings

Land rear of New House/Montrose Cottage, Welland Road, Hanley Swan, WR8 0DA

Please refer to discussion during the open section of the meeting.

14/00012/FUL Change of use of agricultural land to garden

Oak View, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle, WR8 0AS

Documents unavailable for viewing

b) To consider under the Scheme of Delegation any Planning Applications received between publication of the agenda and the Meeting:

None received

c) Details of Decision Notices Received to-date:

13/01359/S73 Erection of a replacement dwelling without complying with condition 2 of Planning Permission 12/01723/FUL

Coverside Farm, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire, WR8 0BS

APPROVED: 17th December 2013

13/01247/HOU Erection of oak framed double garage and repositioning of current drive access.

Baytree Cottage, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle

APPROVED: 26th November 2013

13/01482/FUL Extension and alterations and continued use of premises

Unit 1 & 2 Bridge Education Centre, Hanley Workshops, WR8 0DX

APPROVED: 3rd January 2014

d) Details of Appeal Notices received to-date:

None received

e) Possible Enforcement Actions Required:

Gilberts End – No update

The Balconies – The gateway has been closed off so it was agreed that no action was required but Cllr Taverner would keep an eye an notify the Parish Council if the situation changes.

10/14 Highway Matters

a) Report & Works for the Lengthsman:

Cllr Taverner updated the Council on the lengthsman’s activity. He was busy clearing ditches and grips, working his way around the villages. Cllr Taverner had asked him if he would be able to cut the wildflower verge and whilst Mr Sauntson would be prepared to do it he would not be able to within his lengthsman’s hours. It was agreed that it would be better for Mr Sauntson to cut the verge rather than New Farm and to ask him to undertake it in addition to his lengthsmans’ duties. The Clerk was in the process of organising the VAS machine to be returned to the supplier for repair and would contact the lengthsman directly.

Action: The Clerk to organise the repair of the VAS machine.

b) Reported Highways Issues:

The Chairman confirmed she had visited the site and that the potholes outside the British Legion Club were on land belonging to Home Farm. It was agreed to write to the owners and advise them the land was a public footpath and unfortunately a member of the public had fallen into one of the potholes and ask them if they would fill them in.

The state of the land leading from the pond to the front of the British Legion was discussed and it was agreed that it required some form of edging and gravelling to prevent the degradation of the area. It was agreed to try again to register the land around the pond so that the Parish Council can legally take responsibility for it.

The Clerk read out the report on the slip road running between the Green and The Swan. In summary it was felt that no changes should be made to the road.

Action: The Clerk to pursue Land Registry and to write to the owners of Home Farm regarding the potholes.

11/14 District & County Councillors Reports

a) District Cllrs Morgan & Perry:

DCllrs Morgan & Perry were not present.

b) County Cllr Tom Wells:

CCllr Wells was not present.

12/14 Reports of the:

a) Parish Paths Warden:

Peter Goodyear was introduced to the Council as Colin Rowley’s replacement. Peter had agreed to take over from Colin Rowley as the PPW and would also undertake the role of Parish Tree Warden. Peter advised the Council he was arranging attendance on a training course liaising with Tracy at WCC and as soon as he had undergone the training he hoped to take up the role officially. The Chairman welcomed Peter ‘onboard’ and thanked him for agreeing to take on the 2 roles.

Colin updated the Council on the current pathway issues affecting the villages and promised he would continue to push for resolutions until he fully stepped down from the role.

b) Pond Wardens:

Report read out by the Clerk.

c) Playing Field:

Report provided by Chairman.

13/14 Environmental Matters

Verge Project –

It was reported that the verge project was progressing very well and that a working party had spent a day clearing out the area ahead of bulb planting. Cllr Harcombe was thanked for the use of his machinery.

Oak Tree –

The report from Adrian Hope’s inspection had been circulated and it was agreed to ask him to proceed with his recommendations. As the new Tree Warden, Peter Goodyear asked if he could be present and also asked about the Oaks by the pond and whether they would require attention.

Action: The Clerk to forward previous tree reports to Peter Goodyear and to request Mr Hope undertakes the required work

Grass Cutting

It was agreed to put the grass cutting contract out to tender as this had not been done for a few years.

Action: The Clerk to send the list of locations to New Farm and the Cotswold Gardener.

14/14 Correspondence

a) Arc Chartered Surveyors –

A letter sent to the Chairman outlining the possible application for Solar Farm at Severn End Estate had been circulated prior to meeting. The proposal was discussed and it felt it would be a shame if it did progress as it would remove one of the few proper meadows in the area. It was agreed that as it was only a potential application nothing further could be done at the present time.

15/14 Local Police Officer’s Crime report for November & December:

1 Theft Other – Hanley Swan, money taken.

1 Burglary Other – Worcester Road, Hanley Castle, tools taken.

2 RTC Damage Only, Hanley Castle, car hit a tree.

B4209 – 2 vehicle RTC

1 RTC Injury – Worcester Road, Hanley Castle, minor injuries.

1 Suspicious Incident -Post Office, Hanley Swan, van parked outside shut post office, left for few hours then driven off.

1 Theft From Motor Vehicle – Coverfields, catalytic convertor.

1 Theft of Vehicle – Hanley Road, motorcross bike.

1 Suspicious Incident – Gilberts End, safe found by fields.

3 RTC Damage – Hanley Road, Welland, o/s Hanley Workshops

1 RTC Injury – Blackmore End

16/14 Topics raised by Councillors, Committees, Clerk & Parishioners

a) Neighbourhood Plans –

Cllr Atkinson suggested that a plan of action needed to be put in place and that a separate meeting should be arranged prior to the next Parish Council Meeting. It was agreed that an article should be placed in the Parish Link advising of the Parish Council’s intention to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan. Several groups within the Parish were identified as potential resource and would be contacted, the WI groups were given as an example. Cllrs Atkinson, Lamb and Adeney agreed to form a sub-committee to take the project forward.

Action: Cllr Adeney to draft an article to place in the next edition of the Link.
Cllr Atkinson to organise a meeting ahead of the 20th February.

17/14 Additional Items Raised

a) A request for a grit bin at Cross Hands Corner had been received. Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done at the moment but the request would be noted and put forward later in the year when the County Council placed their order for grit bins.

b) Cllr Lamb raised the issue of trees and hedgerow encroaching into the road on Quay Lane. He said he was happy to keep an eye on things and raise it with Arc Surveyors.

18/14 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting:

20th February 2014

The meeting closed at 10.25 pm

Signed ……………………………… Date: 20th February 2014


Appendix 1: Schedule of Receipts & Payments 16th January 2014

Payment of Accounts:

The under mentioned accounts were approved:

January Cheques for Approval
Adrian Hope Oak Tree Inspection £ 114.00
Peter Sauntson November Lengthsman £ 65.00
WDBF Ltd Glebe Account Rent 09/13-03/14 £ 125.00
WDBF Ltd Glebe Account Rent correct 12-13 £ 50.00
Mrs Abunassar December pay £ 332.29
Mrs Abunassar Laptop & Software £ 528.00
M Waggett Replacement Kickboard £ 400.00
Total £ 1,614.29

Signed ……………………………………… Date: 20th February 2014