Hanley Castle WI (2014)


Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7.30pm in Hanley Swan Village Hall.





9th January Gentle Circle Dancing V. Thomas, P. Morton, J. Field Frances Houghton
Mary Callaway & Helen Chiverton
13th February My life at the BBC V. Holmes, J. Atkinson, D. Lack Christine Peer
David Thomas
13th March Fencing Demonstration B. Hudson, L. Risk, M. Chevalier Heather Jefferies
Malcolm Fare
10th April Cookery Demonstration E. Miles, L. Clark, W. Roberts-Powell Diane Symonds
Pam Buckle
8th May Resolutions and Annual General Meeting J. O’Donnell, M. Gilbert, M. Norris Penny Tennant-Thomas
12th June Tai Chi – To improve calmness, balance and stamina V. Mortimer, M. Nelson Jenny McGowran
Altair De Almeida
10th July Smite and Other Games Evening M. West, C. Perry Connie Perry
August No Meeting
11th September Falconry M. Taylor, P. Glaze Lesley Anne Davies
Michael Cope
(Open meeting)
9th October The Knitted Necklace, a Hat and a Tiara! D. Symonds Pam Buckle
Karen Van Hoff
13th November Art/Craft taster V. Moore, S. Laney Shelagh Laney
Christine Peer / Margaret Norris / Jaye Field
11th December Panto Fun with Pam Wade H. Chiverton, F. Houghton Mary Roberts
Pam Wade & Co.

Please see our home page for more information about the Women’s Institute.

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