The Hanleys’ Community Art project – Update

Significant progress has been made in the last few months:

  • Planning approval has been obtained for the sculpture (bench, two seats and stepping stones)
  • Funding under a 106 provision has been made by Malvern Hills District Council
  • A further contribution to the project has been made by the Cafe and Market (see below)
  • Michael Scheuermann has commenced work on the sculpture

The Cafe and Market has funded the project with a further £800. This will provide for a workshop at the sculptor’s studio for the secondary school pupils and a commemorative plaque on the sculpture that will give a brief background to the project and be in addition to the notice on the Parish Council Notice Board that had been previously proposed.

The project funding now stands as follows:

  • Arts Council
  • Cafe and Market
  • Elmley Arts Fund
  • Severn Waste Environmental Fund
  • MHDC 106 Funding

With the exception of the Cafe and Market, all the funding was granted on the condition of the project gaining planning approval. It will be apparent, therefore, that without the support of the Cafe and Market which funded the first two stages, the project would never have got started.

The workshop for the secondary school pupils will be on 4th March 2013. The delay in allocation of the 106 funding has affected progress on the sculpting, but it is anticipated that the project will be completed in March/April, a delay on the original programme of between one and two months.