Village Hall Refurbishment Update

Hanley Swan Village Memorial Hall

Refurbishment Update

More than 5 years ago, the committee embarked on a programme to modernise and upgrade the hall through a number of specific projects to be spread over several years as finances allowed. This started with the total refurbishment of the kitchen. A mezzanine floor was also constructed to provide additional storage facilities for regular users of the hall. New external and internal oak doors into the main hall were then fitted and the external porch into the main hall was also replaced and extended.

In January this year, the boiler was replaced by a more fuel efficient type following an energy efficiency audit sponsored by the district council. In June, the driveway from the car park to the main road was resurfaced and increased in height to allow wheelchair users and others with mobility difficulties easier access into the main hall. The tarmac driveway was also extended further into the car park to enable all the nearby potholes to be filled.

The final, and largest, project of the original programme, was to refurbish and modernise the main toilets and to renovate the main entrance hall. The toilets had not been replaced since the hall was built in the 1950s. This was successfully completed on schedule in August, just in time for this year’s annual Village Show. This was by far the costliest project undertaken by the committee and was only possible as a result of substantial grants provided by Awards for All ( the Big Lottery) and Welcome to Our Future ( the Severn Waste Environmental Fund). The committee are extremely grateful to have received this level of financial support. The long overdue refurbishment of the toilets would not have possible without it.

Although all the facilities are now back in full use, it is planned to hold a Ceremony to celebrate the completion of the refurbishment programme, and the modernisation of the toilets in particular. This event is planned to be held at the hall during the Café and Market on Saturday 27th October when a local celebrity will be present to commemorate the occasion.

Whilst the long term refurbishment programme has now been completed, the hall still requires regular maintenance and minor replacements. It is also planned to develop a new programme of work to continue the upgrading of the building which is likely to concentrate on the small hall.

Andrew Milne