Quiet Sundays

Most people who travel by train will know of Quiet Coaches, well this is the same principle which has been suggested by some parishioners at a Parish Council meeting. The Environment Committee has given the idea due consideration. As a result through the magazine we are seeking views, positive or negative.

Quiet Sundays mean that from 12-4pm on the 1st Sunday of the month from June –September people will be encouraged to refrain from using domestic power tools such as lawn mowers, strimmers, chain saws, etc or playing loud music outside. (obviously farm machinery is not included.) There will be no enforcement but it is hoped that people will enter into this in a spirit of neighbourliness.

If there is no strong objection to this we will suggest a 4 month trial this year to see how it goes. (This is quite a regular occurrence in Germany and Switzerland and contributes to the quality of home life.)

Please contact : clerk@hc-pc.org.uk
or members of committee: Wendy Roberts Powell, Jackie Bass, Alex Grimwade, John Tavernor or Sue Adeney

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