The Hanleys’ Wine Cooperative – Log Sales

Fund raising for Hanleys’ Wine Cooperative’s project for growing vines in the village gardens, harvesting the grapes and making wine, continues, but fund raising from selling logs to villagers has now come to an end. Posters in the village proved very effective in promoting the sale.

The logs had been cut from a 400 year old oak tree that came down in 2008 in the grounds of Drakes Place after heavy rain and high winds. The tree could be older – the girth of its trunk at the base is around 5m (16ft)! All that now remains of the trunk of this once proud oak (see photograph) is the section at its base which lies where it fell. The main section of trunk was taken away by a local mill. The branches were cut up for logs and all that is now left of the branches are a few large forked pieces that are too difficult to split by hand. The last of the logs were delivered on 29th January 2011 to Malcolm Heal of the Swan Inn and Mel Bryant at Roberts End.

The price set for sale of the logs was approximately half the price at which logs are available from local suppliers. This is consistent with the objective of the Cooperative to support the community by benefiting those prepared to support the funding of the project as well as those taking part.

A special mention is due to Gwen Meacham of Little Acorns, who purchased the largest quantity of logs and is therefore the biggest benefactor of the Cooperative to date. In total the sale of logs reached a total of £376.00. It goes part way to reaching the Cooperative’s target (see the article on the village web site under ‘Garden Club’ for further information). Meanwhile, members of the Cooperative are scheming new ways of funding the project.