Hanley Castle WI (2010)






14th January Noah’s Ark Trust Judy O’Donnell, Myrtle Gilbert, Margaret Norris Jennie Bruton
Georgine Bunn
11th February My Life in Nursing Margaret Chevalier, Leslie Risk, Elspeth Longmore Nina Thomas
Joanna Bowles
11th March Flowers of the Swiss Alps Pam Wade, Jenny McGowran, Val Fare Delia Hargrave
Dr Tony Hughes
8th April Forensics Carol Cobourne, Pam Buckle, Betty Hudson Pam Buckle
Wendy Watkins, Senior Forensic Officer
13th May Resolutions Jean Kitching, Ann Turney, Cynthia Turner Jean Kitching
10th June Garden Meeting Shelagh Willis, Joanna Atkinson, Penny Tennant-Thomas Jean Green
at The Shielding, Worcester Road by kind invitation of Nina Thomas
8th July The Story of Lea & Perrins Joan Holland, Jean Howling, Joan Ainsworth Jaye Field
Tony Deakin
August No Meeting
9th September Running a Bed & Breakfast Shelagh Laney, Ann Ballinger, Marjorie Nelson Shelagh Laney
Angela Robinson
14th October Scandalous Women Nina Thomas, Marion West, Valerie Thomas Sue Churchill
Shirley Noble
11th November Annual General Meeting Sheila Andrews, Wendy Roberts-Powell, Felicity Siviter Diana Harcombe
9th December Christmas Party
Eddie Howell and the Ladies Barbershop Quartet

Please see our home page for more information about the Women’s Institute.

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